Thursday, 15 November 2012

Adorn Mineral Cosmetics LHI Offer

As apart of the October Lust Have It Box which I received in the last week of October I noticed a $15 credit voucher for Adorn Mineral Cosmetics [].
I've heard of Adorn before but I've never tried any of their products so I thought this would be a good way to get started. I used the voucher to buy $15 worth of samples and pay the $7 shipping as shipping cost's don't bother me when I'm getting the products for free. The package arrived about a week after my purchase and I was some what pleased. This is what I got :

The samples came in a nicely packed pink organza bag. I was very impressed with the packaging and shipping as it all came in one piece and nothing was broken :) each individual sample was in a very cute mini Adorn container and was all labeled accordingly. I also received a Free Sample of Madame Fortunes Tea in the White Tea with Rose flavour & I LOVE IT. I've only ever been a Black Tea drinker and never tried any other flavours/types but I thought I would give it a try because the tea bag looked so luxurious. I have since gone to my local Woolworths and bought the 18 pk for around $5 & look forward to trying more from the collection. :)

The Samples I chose include: Eye Create Cream Trio Shadow in Brown Eyes (RRP $65 for 6g), Cover Correction Concealer in Light/Medium (RRP $59 for 6g) , Barely Blushing Hydrating Cream Blush in Autumn (RRP $45 for 7g), Perfect Finish Matte Setting Powder ($49 for 5g),  Eye Create Intense Eye shadow in Obsidian ($25 for 1g) & The Brow Define Brow Dust in Medium Dark (RRP $20 for 1g)

Eye Create Cream Trio Shadow in Brown Eyes

As you can see you don't really get that much product in this sample which is a real shame because this product is really great. The texture is creamy and the product doesn't flake. These are good to use as a base for eye shadows or on their own. They're comparable to Maybelline's 24 hr tattoo eye shadow range. The colours are gorgeous and would suit all eyes. There are 2 shades that look very similar with one being a more bronze toned colour and the other being a cooler toned taupe colour and the last shade is a deep purple. All the colours are have a slight glitter to them (they show up more glittery in the picture than they do in person) & they have a more metallic finish to them.  I chose the brown eyes trio as I though it would be the most neutral but they also do a Green Eyes Trio & Blue Eyes Trio. I loved this sample but would not pay $2.50 for this sample size as it is very small.

Cover Correction Concealer in Light Medium

[From Left to Right: Medium & Light]

The Next Sample I chose was the Adorn Cover Correction Concealer in Light/Medium. Again with this sample you don't get a lot of product but with the concealer you don't need to use as much of the product & the sample size does last a while.
This is a Cream Concealer. This product has very nice coverage. The medium toned one is of a salmon colour & is great for covering dark circles. It is a great match for my skin tone and blends in effortlessly without creasing throughout the day. The Light Concealer I've found isn't the best match for my skin tone but it works just the same as the Medium and I use this one more for blemishes I want to cover under my foundation.

[From Left to Right: Brow Define Dust, The Autumn Cream Blush & the Obsidian Eye Shadow]

All of the single samples I chose came in the same small containers (which I love by the way) and had the names taped round them which I wasn't the biggest fan of so I carefully peeled them off and just stuck them on the bottom so I know what the names are :)

Barely Blushing Hydrating Cream Blush in Autumn
This product again you don't get much in the sample which is actually quite disappointing as it is a very nice colour but extremely hard to work. The product in the container is very crumbly and you kind of just have to pick a piece out and work with it. For people who have to pay $2.50 for a sample this size really isn't fair when you can barely get any proper uses out of it. Apart from the size the actual Product is fantastic. I'm not the biggest fan of blushes and don't really use them that often but I thought hey why not give it a go and I quite like it but then again i have nothing to compare it to as i don't own any blushes. This sample has made me start getting into blushes and i cant wait to try some new one :)

Perfect Finish Matte Setting Powder
This is a Mattiyfing Setting Powder and works like most setting powders.  It is translucent and doesn't leave any white overcast on your skin. I think with the Powder samples you get a lot more product than you do with the Cream samples. This is a decent sized sample and I just use this the set my under eye concealer and so far am loving it

Eye Create Intense Eye shadow in Obsidian
This Eye Shadow is AMAZING I've tried other mineral eye shadows before and they tend to irritate my eyelid (even if i use primer) but this one is different it goes on nicely and gives great colour with very little fallout. The colour is a mix between a Bronze and a Rose Gold and is just gorgeous. I think this colour would look great on all skin tones and is a must have for neutral eye junkies like me :) I'm very pleased with the size of the sample as well it has lasted me a while and I've been using it almost every day.

The Brow Define Brow Dust in Medium DarkThis just looks like a standard brow powder. I do like the way this product works and looks on me but i feel i should have picked up the darkest colour as my brows are almost black. This colour is slightly to light for me but i make it work. With this sample i feel you don't get as much as the other 2 powder samples and isn't really worth the $2.50 price tag but if this were a free sample it would be perfect.

I'm enjoying all my samples from Adorn and don't regret purchasing any of them as i didn't have to pay for them only the shipping at $7 & i think all these items are worth that cost. Adorn Mineral Cosmetic prices are a bit pricey but for good quality Mineral Makeup it is worth it & i do like the fact that with the powder products you can chose to buy Refills at a fraction of the price instead of constantly buying the product again. I do plan on buying more items from the Adorn Website in the future as i have enjoyed these products

Thanks to anyone who has read all this.. this is my very first review/blog post and i'm sorry its long :)



  1. Great review, I really should have ordered some powder products! Ordering the cream blushes were such a waste. I love Obsidian!

    New follower!

    1. Well I would be a new follower if i could... add the followers gadget in the layout page!

  2. haha omg thank you i've been trying to work out how to do that for an hour.. i feel quite embarrassed.

    1. Haha don't be, I needed someone to comment on one of my first posts telling me that... It happens to us all :)

  3. I'm still trying to work this thing out. it's much harder than i though it would be haha i'm getting there :)

    1. Can't agree more... you will find your feet pretty quickly... I still don't know how to add a lot of things to my blog, and I have had it for 6 months :S

  4. I ordered mine last Sunday and they haven't come yet. I live in Melbourne.

    I might make an order of 6 of the same sample and see what happens.

    Nice blog, I'm a new follower.

    Check out mine:


    1. i just subscribed to you. you have an amazing blog :)

      wow i live in WA and mine only took a week and WA usually takes the longest. Hopefully yours arrive soon

  5. Thanks for commenting on my post. I can't beleive they only gave you so little for concelear. I think for $2.5 each sample, they should at least fill up that tiny jar. anyways, you wrote a great review!!!! I just subscribed to your blog!

    1. yeah the samples sizes are terrible but i didnt mind coz i wasn't really paying for them but apparently a lot of people did complain and they have changed it now which i think is good customer service :)


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