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Bellabox November 2012 (FINALLY)

Bellabox November 2012

Where to begin this is probably going to be super brief as i just came home from an exhausting day/night of work and i just really wanted to post this :)

YAYAYAYAY its FINALLY here.. The one thing I hate about living in WA is being one of the last people to receive anything in the mail its so frustrating and I'm so not the type of person that stays away from reading blog posts until my package arrives so this month I of course saw the countless number of Bellabox November posts and with each one i was even more dying to see which version I got & I am over the moon with the one i have as it is the one i wanted the most :):) I was so excited that i kinda lost my info card wooops oh well here goes nothing..

So this is what i got:
(1)Skinmiso Pore Beauty Nose Pack (1 sample pack) - This is just looks like its a 2 step Pore Nose Strip pack and it comes with a sheet that has instructions on how to use it. I'm excited to try this as i love pore strips but by the looks of this its meant to work different to the standard ones you can usually get from Priceline so I'll Definitely be trying this out then i will let you all know what i think.
(2) 4 ME Nail Polish Remover Pads (30pk Full Size Item) - these are just soaked cotton pads for taking nail polish off. I'm not a fan of these things they are always so saturated and awkward to use and the last time i used one of these they irritated my skin (though they were a different brand). I'm very reluctant to try these but i do admit they are very handy so I might give this away to my sister or a friend.
(3) Swisse Hand Cream with Vitamin E & Pomegranate (30ml sample) - I lovelovelove hand cream especially when its travel/handbag size. I not to sure what pomegrante is meant to smell like but this stuff smells great more like grapefruit or lemon. I've used this once and so far am loving it.

(4) Dr Lewinns Facial Polish Gel Gentle Exfoliant (50g sample) - I am a huge fan of facial exfoliators and am super excited to try this one out it looks pretty good & smells AMAZING.

(5) Sample Sachet of Dr Lewinns Skin Perfect Primer & Skin Perfect Foundation - These are single use tiny sachet samples. I'm really excited to try them out & the foundation is in the shade Beige which is should hopefully be a good match as usually i get samples that are way to light for me.
(6) Palmolive Naturals Body Butter in Luscious Mango (50ml sample) - This is a moisturising body wash and i'm not that excited for this as i tend to lover more exfoliating body wash like at the moment i actually using the Coconut Scrub in this exact same Palmolive Natural Body Butter line and I'm loving that but this one smells pretty good so i might save it for when i go away for the weekend.
(7) Bioderma Sebium H2O (20ml sample size) - I'm so excited i got this one over the Crealine as i actually have used the crealine before and currently have a Full Size of it i just got yesterday (blog post to come tomorrow) but I've never tried this one so i'm definitely going to try this and see if i like it any better as it is $10 cheaper for the 250ml size.
(8) B collection Col-lecta Colour Cheek Tint in Barossa Valley (Full Size) - The last thing i got was this Cream Cheek Tint and I'm so glad i got this over the Glitter Eyeliner as I'm not a huge eyeliner fan. This is such a gorgeous cheek colour it looks a lot darker in the tin than it does on the cheek. I wore this today and it gives you such a lovely coral pink flushed colour and it is super easy to blend and i love the way this looks with my warm complexion. This is definitely my favourite thing in the box so far.

[From L-R: Col-lecta Colour Check Tint Swatch Taken Without Flash & With Flash]

I'm still Playing around with everything but I'll probably post an update once I've had a play around with all my items. Overall I'm super happy with all my items but I'm not very hard to please when it comes to stuff like this as this is my second ever Bellabox all these things are very new to me & so far I am LOVING it :)

Hope everyone is enjoying there box this month. What is your favourite item for Bellabox November 2012?


  1. Yay you finally received yours!
    I think my favourite product was the bioderma, just because I have never tried it before, I would of liked to try the crealine because it is aimed at sensitive skin but oh well, I'm still happy to try this one :)
    Enjoy your goodies! xo

    1. I Know Finally :)
      I was so excited when i saw it i just started ripping in to it :)
      This is definitely a good box.

  2. Ohh that cheek tint looks nice! So jealous ..I got the eyeliner instead!

    1. I'm soo Glad i didnt get the eyeliner.. if it was a solid colour maybe but glitter really its definitely not for every one :)
      thanks for subscribing

  3. I received the Skinmiso Nose Pack in a past bellabox and it was so good I purchased the full size! I used to use the drugstore ones that dry and really hurt to take off, but after using the Skinmiso one, I'm never going to use anything else :D Let me know how you like it, thanks for the nice comment and follow, I followed back :)


    1. I saw that in one of your previous posts (i was have a quick read through some of your older posts)
      I think I'm going to buy a full pack of the skinmiso they sell them on the bellabox website i don't know where else you can buy them though.. they are so much better than the other pore strips (even though I do like those)..
      Thanks :)


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