Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Lust Have It November 2012

Lust Have It Bag November 2012

I got my Lust Have It November Bag in the mail yesterday. For those who don't know what Lust Have It is, it's an Australian Beauty Subscription that costs $14.95 a month and each month you get a bag with 4-5 beauty related items. This is my 2nd Lust Have It Bag and I know a lot of people were disappointed with last months bag but since it was my first one I had no expectations and I quite enjoyed it as I didn't have any of the samples we were given. I'd already seen a few blog posts about this month and as soon as I saw the blue bag I knew which pack I had been given & this is what I received.

(1) Lomasi Ginger Lime Body Creme (30ml Sample Size) - This such a cute little sample of body cream that would be good for travelling.  This cream smells amazing just like a mojito on a summers night and feels amazing on the skin so far I'm loving this one. The card says you can also get this in a Mango Scent and a Pomegranate Scent.

(2) Davroe Straightening Balm (50g sample size) - I know a few people were disappointed with receiving a Davroe product because it is something they have previously received but I didn't mind it. Davroe is an Australian made & owned brand which is something I like about this product and also I don't have anything by them. I haven't tried this yet but I do often straighten my hair so this type of product would be good for me. This product it smells nice I don't exactly know what the smell is but on the pack it says the fragrance is Wild Iris so i guess that must be it. I look forward to trying this out.

(3) Model Co Fibre Lashxtend Mascara (Full Size) - The card says this brand new break through formula that isn't available for sale yet. I love the fact that we got a full size make up item this month but I'm very picky when it comes to mascara's and I only really like certain type and fibre ones were never one of them but I will try this out and hopefully I will like it.

(4) Star & Rose Hologram Tweezers (Full Size) - These are just a some tweezers by Star & Rose. There isn't too much to say about these except they have a holographic print on them which I think is kinda cool but i haven't tried these out yet but i guess it's always handy to have a spare set of tweezers

(5) Face Of Australia Purifying Cleansing Wipes (Full Size) - I think this a nice item to recieve as I'm always on the look out for some great face wipes I've never really found any that i really love so I love trying new ones & I've never tried these ones. I always tend to run out so it's nice to have a spare pack for when that happens or when I misplace mine & these are nice an affordable that if i do end up liking them I can repurchase them over & over again.

Over all I'm very happy with my Lust Have It Bag for November 2012 but because I'm fairly new to the service I can see were other people are becoming more and more frustrated with the selections they are given.



  1. I havent tried the modle co mascara yet i would be interested to see how you find it :)

    1. I tried it once and i don't really like the way it applies i found the fibres to be very messy if that makes sense but I'm going to try it again and see if i have better luck

  2. I really liked the mascara for lengthening y lashes..but not so good at holding my curl :(

    1. Yeah i agree it does give eyes a natural length but i found the fibres hard to work with


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