Wednesday, 28 November 2012

My Christmas Wish List

So with Christmas time getting closer I have seen so many of these Christmas gift ideas and wishlist & I LOVE reading all of them so I thought I would share some of the things I'm hoping to find under my Christmas Tree :) All these Items are either sold in Australia or can be shipped to Australia.

1) Benefit Sugarlicious Lip & Cheek Kit from - 
Who doesn't want something from benefits gift set range. I've always wanted to try Sugar Bomb Blush so i think this would be a really cool way of trying it out with all the other extra's in there.

2) Benefit Confessions of a Concealaholic from Benefit - 
I've also always wanted to try erase paste by Benefit and I just love the look of this kit.

3) Marc Jacobs Dot 50ml EDP Gift Set from Myer -
I don't have a large collection of perfumes I only have around 2 at a time as I tend to find a scent I love and stick with it but this looks like such a nice bottle I would love to give this a try & I do love Marc Jacobs Perfumes.

4) Dermalogica Oily Skin Set from David Jones -
During summer my skin tends to get really oily and I'm always looking for great skincare products aimed at oily skin & I love Dermalogica
5) Lorac Ooh La Lace Baked Shimmer & Matte Eye Shadow Palette from - 
Lorac is such an amazing brand but I find it really hard to find there products so as soon as I saw this I new I needed to have it :)

6) CHI CHI I Love Chi Chi Blockbuster Set from Myer - 
I love Chi Chi make up it's so cute and this set is no exception.

7) Soap & Glory The Best Things In Life Are Three from Kit Cosmetics - 
A lot of the stuff on my wish list is stuff I've read about but never used and I love how around Christmas time all these brands do such amazing gift sets & they are great ways to try out new brands and things you've never tried before.

8) Soap & Glory Shower Trip Kit from Kit Cosmetics -
Another great gift pack from Soap & Glory

9) Friends the Complete Series Box Set from Target  - 
I love TV shows and the amount of them I own on DVD is insane but somehow I don't own Friends and it is by far one of my Favourite TV Shows Ever.

10) Mario Badescu Acne Starter Kit from BeautyBay - 
Another thing I've always wanted to try is Mario Badescu Skin Care as I have seen & read many great reviews on this stuff & this looks like a nice way to get started.

11) Marc By Marc Jacobs Rock Watch from David Jones - 
Who can say no to a Marc Jacobs watch.

12) Marc by Marc Jacobs Amy Watch from David Jones - 
same as above :)

Now I Don't expect any of this as gifts this year but a girl can dream :)
What are you hoping for most this year?


  1. Ohh the sugarliscious set! I was going to get that but I got the tropicoral one instead - writing up a blog post about it right now :P

    1. oh exciting can't wait to read it :) yeah i actually want all of these set's i'm pretty sure they have one for each of their blushes haha :)

    2. Oh, I saw a post recently by a blogger who bought the confessions of a concealaholic from ebay as a factory second. Thats the link to her blog post, you might want to check it out, its ends up being less that $20!!

    3. oh thanks i'll go and check it out :)

  2. I love those benefit lip and cheek sets - I'm looking at tropiCORAL because I already have a sugarbomb blush. Dot by Mark Jacobs is a really nice scent(and has the cutest bottle!!), it's on my wish list along with DNKY fresh blossom be delicious. Friends is one of my favourite TV shows too (they play re-runs so much on TV I can't be bothered buying the DVDs though).

    You can see my Christmas wish list here :)

    1. I actually want all of them lol but the sugarlicious one just looks so pretty with all the colours but yes the tropicoral looks amazing :)

  3. I have the enzyme cleanser from Mario Badescu and I really like it so far :D I have no idea what I actually want for Christmas this year!

    1. I've heard such great things about Mario Badescu so i might even buy that for myself :)
      I'm sure you will get a lot of great things maybe it's better if you don't know what you want then it'll be even more exciting to see what people get for you & more of a surprise i guess :)

  4. ok i want ALLLLLL of these lol great list! i have now made my large list even larger lol

  5. Love all things...especially the watches.^^
    Maybe follow each other???
    My Blog

    1. the watches look pretty amazing :)
      I just followed your blog :)

  6. Thanks,for the follow.^^
    Follow you back on gfc.

  7. Those Benefit sets look amazing. I have no idea what I want for Xmas, its not like I need any more beauty products - correction....of course I do.. ;-)

    1. And hi from your newest follower!
      Feel free to check out my blog too:

    2. you can never have enough beauty products :)
      Thanks for following. I actually stumbled onto your blog a few days ago & I follow you through GFC :) Can't wait to read some of your future blog posts


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