Monday, 19 November 2012

St Ives Green Tea Scrub

Happy Monday Everyone :)

St Ives Naturally Clear Green Tea Scrub 150ml

 As i wait for my Bella Box to arrive (fingers Crossed it's coming today) i thought i would do a quick review on one of my favourite exfoliators. In the past i would never buy the same scrub more than once as i have never found one i feel to be truly a great product until now. I am OBSESSED with St Ives so i thought I'd try out one of their scrubs. I chose the Green Tea Scrub over the Apricot Scrub because it is aimed at clearing breakouts and soothing skin as well as helping reduce redness which lately im having an issue with.

The back of the product mentions that this product is not tested on animals and does not contain any animal ingredients and is formulated without Parabens and Phthalates. This Scrub retails for around $9.99 and can be purchased from Priceline and Woolworths stores.

This facial exfoliator has a whole lot of fine sand like particles mixed in with what feels like a semi cream cleanser and it really feels like i'm scrubing my face clean when i use this. Most Face Scrubs I've used in the past feel like they are doing nothing to my skin or they feel like they are to harsh. This one on the other hand is a perfect balance as it does not irritate my skin while still giving it a good clean scrub and leaves my skin feeling smooth afterwards. This Scrub smells amazing and very fresh but i don't think the scent is exactly what green tea smells like but it does have a slight green tea scent. I use this scrub around twice a week in the shower and i have never looked back since. I just ran out of this scrub today and am already on my way to pick up another one as well as the Green Tea Gel Cleanser.

Hope this helps anyone who like me is very picky when it comes to Exfoliation


  1. I love love love this exfoliant... it is probably my all time favourite ever! I used it for a year straight and got sick of it, I have since used two or three others and they all make me miss this one. I am getting this st ives green tea one when I run out next!

    1. It's amazing isn't it.. I'm not sick of it yet luckily :) & the smell is so addictive

  2. Ooh this sounds great :D I just love green tea too!

  3. I've only ever used the Apricot St Ives Scrub and really didn't like it. It was too creamy, this ones looks a lot different and I love their other green tea cleanser. I might have to give this a go

    1. yeah i haven't heard many good things about the apricot scrub glad i gave it a miss :)


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