Saturday, 12 January 2013

From Me to Me: Present's in the Mail

Firstly I apologise for not being able to blog but as I'm sure some of you are aware I'm currently in the Gold Coast with my family on holidays & I'm just not finding any time to sit down & blog so I do apologise :)

Just before Christmas I made a purchase on because they were doing a special offer that if you spend $90 or more you get a Free Confessions of a Conceal-a-holic & I've always wanted one of those & had a few purchases in mind so I thought I would take advantage of the offer.

My package arrived just before I went on holidays & I really wanted to post a haul but I was to busy so I'm dong it now :)
I spent $125 so I got free postage & for anyone who is interested in purchasing from benefit the postage to Australia takes approx 2 weeks.

So onto the stuff I puurchased :):)

Sexy Little Stowaways RRP $34.00

The first thing I got was the Sexy Little Stowaways Kit as it contains a lot of products Ive always wanted to try but never been brave enough to purchase the full size product of. This kit contains:

It's Potent Eye Cream 3g container
POREfessional 7.5g tube
Hoola Bronzer 3g sample size
Bella Bamba Blush 3g sample size
Bad Gal Lash Mascara 4g tube
Stay Don't Stray Primer Base 2.5ml size
Ooh La Lift Eye Brightener 2.5ml size
Sun Beam Highlighter 2.5ml size
Chacha Tint 2.5ml size
That Gal Face Brightener 7.5ml tube

I already own some of the POREfessional Pro Balm but I absolutely love it & I like the small sized ones for when I travel so I don't mind having another one of these same goes for the Bad Gal Lash but majority of the rest of the items I've never used so when I get back from holidays I will be having a good play around with the items & I might do an updated Benefit post

Hoola Bronzer & Bella Bamba Blush 3.0g each

Benefit's Rare Beauty Pack RRP $45.00

Rare Beauty Make Up Bag

The second thing I decided to buy was the Rare Beauty Snow White & the Huntsman Makeup Kit. The main reason I bought this is because I really wanted to buy a Full Size POREfessional (22ml/$30 RRP) & Bag Gal Lash (8.5g/$19) & this kit happened to contain both of these for only $45 & it also included a Benetint 4ml sample & High Beam 2.5ml sample. The other reason I fell in love with this gift set is because of the beyond GORGEOUS make up bag it comes in.

Benefit They're Real Mascara Set RRP $23.00

The last thing I purchased was 2 of these Benefit They're Real Mascara sets. Each set contains a Full Size They're Real Mascara (8.5g) & a sample size (4g). I got one of these sets for my sister & the other for me as were obsessed with this mascara at the moment.

Confessions of a Concealaholic RRP $36.00
(this was a free gift with purchase)

This was my free gift with purchase when I spent over $90 in one transaction. I always get emails when Benefit have these kinds of offers on so I'm so glad I got this email just when I was about to make a purchase anyway as I have always wanted to but this kit but never did. This kit contains:
That Gal Face Brightener 7.5ml tube
Erase Paste 3.2g pot
2 x Boi-ing Concealer Pans in shades 01 & 02
Lemon aid 0.9g pan
Eye Bright 0.9g Pan
& 2 double ended brush applicators 

& Lastly a selection of Benefit Samples with the order..

I've been doing a little bit of shopping while I've been here as I've seen a few things that I can never find over in Perth so I will be posting a Haul when I get back from holidays but hopefully I will be able to post more while I'm here as I'm still on holidays for another week..

Happy Saturday Everyone


  1. Great haul! I've been meaning to order on the benefit site - things are so much cheaper online! :)

    1. you should definitely do an order from their website it makes a huge difference when it comes to the total cost & amount your saving :)

  2. Love those sets, they're such great value and allow you to try out so many samples :)

    1. That's why I love them so much I get to try so many products & now I have an Idea of the Benefit products I like & the ones I'm not to impressed by :)

  3. I love the Sexy Little Stowaways kit. So many great products! The samples are quite generous and it gives you an idea of what you would like full size!

    1. I'm really liking all the kits & I'm probably going to do another order on benefit soon :)

  4. Nice haul Sammi :) I hope u are enjoying your vacations! :) x

  5. Ah definitely do reviews of these, they look awesome!!

    1. I plan on doing a few review when I get back from holidays Ill be sure to include a Benefit one :)

  6. Oh good lord you chose the best sets! :D Great haul!

  7. Ooh awesome haul lovely! I can't wait to hear what you think of all these goodies :0

    1. Thanks :) I just got back so I'm planning a few blog post to do throughout the week Hopefully I'll get some reviews up soon

  8. Ahhhhh what an awesome haul! I have wanted that concealer set too! I look forward to the reviews :)

    1. thanks :) I'm definitely going to be doing some of these review now that I'm back :)


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