Friday, 1 February 2013

Lust Have It January 2013

As usual I'm one of the last people to get their Lust Have It Box for the month & this month I didn't mind the wait as I saw many versions of the box & liked pretty much all of them so when my Lust Have It Box finally arrived yesterday afternoon I pretty much tore into it.

For anyone who doesn't know what Lust Have It Is, It's a monthly subscription box in Australia that cost $14.95 a month & each month they send you out a box with 4-5 Beauty related samples.

The team at Lust Have It announced they were getting rid of the make up bags the items came in & replacing them with new collectible packaging. This month we got the new packaging & can I just tell you how gorgeous it is. LHI now comes in a pretty printed box with a magnetic close that can either be placed flat or up right. These look like adorable hard covered books & remind me of when I was younger I owned boxes like these & kept all my "secret stuff" in like notes me & my friends would pass around at school (Lame I know haha).

The inside of the box has the Lust Have It logo printed on & so does the side. Now onto what was in my box this month.

(1) Ella Bache Great 50+ Sportsbloc Active 20 ml (RRP $44.00/130ml) - This is a great sample to get for summer I just wish It wasn't a packet/sachet sample.
(2) Klorane Shampoo 25ml & Conditioner 10ml for dry & damaged hair (RRP $9.95/150-200ml) - I have previously received a sample of of Klorane hair care from Bellabox but not in this type. These are mango scented & smell amazing so I can't wait to try them out the only issue I have with this is I never understand why conditioner samples tend to be smaller than shampoo. Having long hair I use more conditioner than I do Shampoo.
(3) Lush Emotional Brilliance in Happiness (RRP $24.95 each) - This is the items I saw in a few boxes & knew If I received one I would be over the moon. I've always wanted to try the emotional brilliance range from Lush but $24.95 for a small jar seems expensive for just trying something out so I'm so glad I got this Eyeshadow It Is absolutely gorgeous (see swatches below). This would even work great as an Eyeshadow base.
(4) Lust Have It Kabuki Brush (RRP $19.95) - You can never have enough Make Up Brushes & I currently don't have a kabuki brush as I have miss placed mine so this is great. Its soft, feels nice & is eco friendly synthetic.
(5) Nude By Nature BB 5 in 1 Miracle Cream (RRP $19.95) - The only real issue I have with this is that I received the Light Skin Tones one instead of a Medium Skin Tones so this isn't the best match for me so I'm not sure what I'll do with it yet.

Swatches: blended out & heavily swatched (without flash)

Swatches: blended out & heavily swatched (with flash)

Over all I'm very pleased with this months box It's definitely better than the Bellabox I got this month (which I haven't even posted because I don't feel it's worth it). Lust Have It have really stepped up their game & proving very worth it in the battle of the Beauty Subscription Boxes the only major issue I have with them is how late their boxes arrive which is usually just before the next month starts.

What did you get in your LHI box?


  1. That eye shadow looks so lovely! I was so disappointed with bella box this month!

    1. It really is lovely I want to try one of the lush emotional brilliance lip products. Bellabox really need to step up their game my box wasn't even blog worthy

  2. If it makes you feel better I still haven't gotten my LHI yet! And I totally agree with you about bellabox - hope they step up their game next month!

    1. oh that's a shame hopefully yours arrives today :) I think these subscription services really do take their feedback seriously & I'm sure a lot of people were disappointed this month so hopefully they help fix that :)

  3. Wow! Everything looks gorgeous!
    I totally agree about shampoo vs conditioner. I'm currently growing out my hair for wigs Angel Hair for Kids mands it's just above my waist now. I go through conditioner like crazy! Especially considering Canada is either very dry or crazy humid :)
    Also agree about the BB cream. There's nothing that bugs me more thn getting the wrong colour (though I always get darker :-/ ) when it's something I want to try!

    1. Yeah being summer now in Australia I have noticed I've been going through conditioner like crazy & I just never understood the logic in making conditioner samples smaller than shampoo. I've been using the BB cream as a sort of primer on my skin so I'm making it work but yeah with these types of products it's really wise to send out the right ones to match or it goes to waste.

  4. It's great they gave you a full size of the BB cream, and that kabuki brush looks really nice actually! :)


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