Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Nail Polish Haul & Swatches Part 2

Hey Everyone
 Yesterday I started hauling & swatching all my new nail polishes this will be part 2 :)
I'm currently involved in a Swap with a lovely girl from Canada her name is Steph check out her blog here :)
She gave me a list of things she liked as a sort of a wishlist & a few of them were brands I'd never really heard about so I started googling them & one that caught my eye was these lovely Nail Polishes from piCture pOlish an Australian Made & Owned Nail Polish Company.

As I was contemplating what to buy Steph (which Im not going to mention as she is yet to receive her package) I starting eyeing some nail polishes for myself. If it was up to me I probably would purchase everything they have to sell as they all look amazing but I decided I wasn't going to buy anything but since I my sister processed the order for me to buy Steph something she must have been spying on me because a package from Picture Polish came to our house addressed to her instantly I was Jealous thinking if I knew she wanted to order something I would've wanted to combine an order but then she decided to surprise me by saying she'd picked these all out for me :):)

This was her way of thanking me for doing her a favour last month so I thought I would swatch them as they are all truly gorgeous. I got 5 in total Peacock, Razzle Dazzle, Mask-a-Rade, Orbit & Monroe. These polishes were slightly difficult to photograph but I tried my best they are all definitely much better looking in person.

Orbit - The first polish I got is Orbit from the Mesh range. It is a lovely dark blue based polish heavily packed with fine blue & silver glitter. It has a nice thickness to it & applies opaque in 2-3 coats.

Swatched without Flash

Swatched with Flash

Peacock 11ml RRP $11.50 - The next polish I got is Peacock from the Opulence range it is a deep purple/blue coloured jelly base with green glitter. This shade was slightly harder to apply, Its rather thick and a tad bit gloopy so it took a bit of work to apply but the colour is so amazing & with a great top coat it can fix any imperfections. This takes a good amount of 3 coats to be opaque or it can be great layered over an dark blue nail polish.

 Swatched without Flash

Swatched with Flash

Monroe 11ml RRP $11.50 - The shade Monroe also from the Opulence range is probably my favourite shade out of all of these. It's a great vampire wine red jelly polish packed with holographic shimmer which in my opinion gives it a rather 'Gravel'type look which I think is Fantastic. I've personally never seen a polish like this before. This shade is opaque in 3 coats & looks layered over a similar coloured nail polish

Swatched without Flash

Swatched with Flash

Razzle Dazzle 11ml RRP $9.50 - Razzle Dazzle is clear based glitter polish. The thing I love about this polish is that I can never really tell how many colours of glitter are in it. Mostly I see an aqua, pinkish purple colour & silver but at times I can see a more of a green & gold glitter so I'm not sure if it contains all these colour or it's just the way the colours hit the light together either way this is gorgeous. You can pretty much apply this over any colour for a great sparkly effect or wear it alone. The more coats you use the more glitter you can build out (obviously :P) for my swatches I used 2 coats alone & 2 coats over Rimmel 800 Blackout. This formula is so smooth & applies perfectly.

Swatched with Flash

Mask-A-Rade 11 ml RRP $11.50 - This is the last shade I got & it is from the Opulence range. This is a beautiful Multi Chromatic Glitter Top Coat in a clear base that hits a whole range of colours depending what way you look at it. This is an epic shade & looks amazing alone or over another shade. For the swatches I used 2 heavy quotes alone & 2 heavy coats applied over Rimmel 800 Blackout. These swatches seriously don't do this polish justice as it is 100x more amazing in person.

Swatches without Flash

Swatches with Flash

That's It for now the rest of my polishes may take some time getting to me as most of them are coming from America but when they arrive I will be continuing this post.
What is you all time favourite Nail Polish?
Happy Wednesday


  1. Wow I love glitter polish and these look brilliant. Must have been a pain to get them off, though :(

    1. thanks :) Normally glitter polish are really horrible to remove but for the swatches I tried out the peel off PVA glue base coat idea I've seen on many blogs :) so these came of so easily :)

  2. I love glitter polishes!
    And glitter top coats too, they just spice up a boring plain colour :)


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