Friday, 29 March 2013

March Favourites 2013

March is almost over & I'm sure everyone will be busy over the next couple of days with it being Easter so I thought I would get my Monthly Favourites out now before I forget :)

Before I started doing these Favourite Post's I always thought I just used the same things month to month & that my favourites never change but I find doing these kinds of post's encourages me to switch up some of my products every month as well as still using a few of my all year round favourites. I think this is a fantastic way to give some love to some products you have either forgotten about or have yet to use :)

These are my Favourites for March 2013

Revlon Photo Ready Translucent Finisher Powder - I got this powder in a Revlon Gift set a while back (see post here) I used it a few times when I first got it then kinda just forgot about it until I started organizing my Makeup for my new set up area (I'm getting close to being done post will be up once everything is all done) & kind of rediscovered this & the other products in the pack & I really like this. It has a nice light finish on my skin & doesn't make me look powdery or cakey which I love.

Too Faced Natural Eye Kit - Another thing I have been trying to do is use a different Eyeshadow Palette every month. I find that since I got my Stila in the Light Palette so what I've done is pick one of my Palettes & every day I do my Eyeshadow I have to use that palette whether its for the entire look or just even one shade from the palette. My go to look for this month has been the entire top row from my Natural Eye Kit which is the day look & the shades Heaven, Velvet Revolver & Sexpresso which are all the matte shades in this palette but I have been using all the other shades as well here & there.
I want to do like a closer look series on all my Neutral Eyeshadows as I feel like I have quite a few & it might be helpful to people who are interested in buying any of them. Let me know what you think?

Benefit Erase Paste -
I'm in love this this concealer for under my eyes. I've heard it is very comparable to the Bobbi Brown Corrector but I've never tried it so I'm not sure how a like they are but I do love this product a lot. I got mine in the Benefit Confessions of a Concealaholic pack (see here)  but when it runs out I will definitely pick up a full size of this.
Master Makeup by Dean Nixon Eyeshadow Brush - I got this brush in my Her Fashion Box (see here) & I'm obsessed with it. It's such a thick brush but its not to stiff & It's great for packing on colour all over the lid, using it in the crease for some definition or using it to blend shadows. I pretty much could do my whole eye look using this one brush if I needed to it's that good. It retails for $30 which to me s very pricey but I'm seriously considering getting more from this line. Has anyone tried any of the other ones?

Australis Curve Ink Eyeliner - This was a GWP from Priceline & I have really been enjoying using this. I got to admit its takes a little practice to get used to it but It's perfect for winged liner as it has that felt tip that I like in liquid liners but the end of it is quite thin & helps give your eye's a little flick for that cat winged liner look that is in. I love how pigmented this product is & that it lasts all day without smudging or fading which I find some liners to do. The only thing I dislike about this is that it has a very flimsy lid that I feel doesn't stay on properly so I don't know if they're all like that or just mine :(

This a quick look I created when I first got the liner (I posted this pic on my twitter). I already had my Eyeshadow & mascara on all day so it probably doesn't look to great but I like it. Also on a side note for some reason not sure why probably coz I like thick eyeliner but don't want to cover my entire eye I always start my liner from half way & go to the end I never start from the inner corner. I think its because I have naturally dark lashes & it already makes me look like I'm wearing eyeliner when I'm not & I feel it makes the eye look bigger I don't know maybe I'm weird. 

Mancine Summer Tan Self Tanner Dark - I got this in my Lust Have It February Box (see here). This product is fantastic It helps me keep my legs looking tan as the weather gets colder & doesn't give me an orange look it's more of a natural tan look. Though the bottle says it's dark I don't find it to be that dark at all. though warning this product does stain your hands a fair bit.

Palmer's Cocoa Body Scrub - I recently picked this up from Priceline as I needed a new body wash/scrub & originally I was there to get the Palmolive Coconut Body Butter that I adore but they were out of it so I got this instead & I'm glad I did as I love it. This smells amazing  kind alike cookies & cream ice cream (It looks like it too). his product Exfoliates & Moisturizer skin at the same time leaving it so soft & smooth. It's pretty much the best combination of a body butter & body exfoliator in my opinion. I use this about twice a week on my skin. This retails for $10.99 but I got it on sale for $8.99.

Essie School of Hard Rocks - This has been my go to polish of the month & I included it in my Neglected Polish Series earlier this month (see here)
Nail Guide Stickers - These are something I bought of ebay & have been using throughout the entire month of march. The are so easy to use but you do need to be a little patient when allowing the polish to dry. I also used them a NOTD post this month (see here) expect to see them featured on this blog a lot more.

Here are some of my Jewellery Favourites this month

Neon Yellow Skull Band Ring from Lovisa
XO Ring from Colette
2 Finger Gold Love Birds Ring from Colette

& some Non Beauty Favs :

Parks and Recreation

Words can not express how much I LOVE this show. The cast are amazing I think they are all so funny & I don't even have a favourite character because I love them all but if I had to chose it would definitely be Aziz Ansari as Tom Haverford. I'd heard so many great things about this show especially from people who like these kinds of shows (think the office) but I don't know why it took me so long to start it I guess the name kinds made me think it was boring coz I would always be like what is Parks & Rec like what does that even mean well it means just that. It's a about a group of people who work in the Parks & Recreation department. So basically it is LITERALLY (if you watch the show you'll get that =P) about Parks but I guess the whole mock-umentary style of the show & the characters just make it so amazing that I managed to catch up to date to America on the show (yeah I watched 4 and a half seasons in 1 month). Also I have always been a fan of Amy Poehler I think she is amazing. Oh and as lame as it sounds I love the theme music to this show its so quirky & fun.

Game of ThronesI'm probably the last person on the earth to finally jump on the Game of Thrones bandwagon but I'm so glad I waited until now to start it as I have 2 episodes of season 2 left to watch & season 3 starts next week. I know a lot of people have been waiting forever for season 3 but lukily my wait hasn't been that long

Kinder mini eggs - a whole heap of these for my birthday & easter & they are by far the most amazing things ever. I love kinder Chocolate I think it is the yummiest chocolate in the work & these mini eggs are milk chocloate coated with a mix of the white creamy chocolate & small pieces of hazelnut in the middle.

& definitely a fav of mine this month have been My Birthday & Soundwave Festival 2013

What have you been loving this month?

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Review: Benefit Confession of a Concealaholic

This week I've planned to do a few of the Reviews I had promised to do. I've put myself on a Blogging Schedule recently with the aim of doing 4 or more post's a week & so far I don't think I'm doing to bad.

I know a few people have been waiting for this one so I decided to start my Reviewing week with Benefit's Confessions of a Concealaholic

I picked this up as a part of my Benefit Haul (see here) I'd always wanted to buy this product but when I saw that Benefit were  having an offer that you could get this product free with any purchase $90 or more & I was already going to pick some stuff up so I thought why not.

This was packaged like most of Benefits Packs that have a range of products to try and came in an adorable book like box. Inside the box there was a leaflet that contains a cute little Concealaholic quiz and notes on how to use each of the different products in the box.

The products included in this box are:

That Gal Primer 7.5ml

Erase Paste in shade no.2 Medium 3.2g

Boi-ing 01 and Boi-ing 02 1.3g each
Lemon Aid 0.9g
Eye Bright 0.9g
2x Double ended brushes

The main reason I wanted to try this product is the Benefit Erase Paste this concealer has a lot of hype in the Beauty world finally I can see why. This does a really good job at concealing my under eye circles & find that is doesn't crease on me. This product comes in 3 different shades but it seems the shades look very suitable for fair to medium skin tones. It says this is a brightening concealer but I don't really see it as brightening for me but that's ok because that's not what I use this product for.

I am definitely going to buy the full size product of this when my sample size runs out

How I use it: I use the brush provided to light dab this under my eye then blend it out by lightly patting it in with my finger. Then I like to set it with some loose setting powder.

My favourite product in this pack would definitely be the Boi-ing Industrial Strength Concealer and it is exactly that. WOW this product has good coverage & can pretty much cover anything you want from acne to scars to redness and even under eye circles. I find if I'm having a really bad skin day I reach for this. The kit comes with 2 shades of this in a light shade and a medium shade that can be used alone or mixed together to create a shade perfect for you. unlike the Erase Paste this product has 5 different shades to choose from and there does seem to be a shade for everyone.

How I use it: I use this mainly around my nose to conceal a bit of redness I have and for any break outs I have I just use the brush provided to dab this on the skin then like the Erase Paste I pat it in with my finger.

  Lemon Aid  is a colour correcting eyelid primer. I find this product to be too thick to apply on my eyelid I prefer more creamy liquid primer/brightener product to use on my eyelids for concealing & brightening. I find when blended in on the eye this product can look powdery and flaky  I know a lot of people like this product but this is not something I would buy for myself. I feel the exact same way with the Eye Bright this product flakes on my skin and isn't very creamy but I do feel this product works well at brightening it's just not the type of product I reach for brightening. I prefer products like the Loreal Lumi Magique Highlighting Pen.
That Gal Brightening Face Primer I love these sized samples that Benefit include in these packs. This is a product I enjoyed using. It says you can use this product alone, under or over make up so it's a multi use product. It has a slightly pinkish tone to it but it blends smoothly & evenly on the skin. It has a slight shimmer to it to give the skin a nice natural glow. This product has a lovely sweet smell and feels great on the skin. As much as I do love this product I don't think I'll be buying the full sized item of this as I currently am obsessed with the Benefit Porefessional Primer but I do have a few of these samples to keep me happy for a while.

Over all I'm glad to have gotten this pack as It gave me a chance to try a lot of product I've been meaning to & though I did not like them all I still found this pack to be very useful & will definitely be buying the Full Size of the Erase Paste & Boi-ing Concealer.

This product retails for $36 and can be purchased through the Benefit Cosmetics Website

Have you tried this pack? What is your favourite Concealing Products?

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Neglected Polish # 3 - Fergie for Wet n Wild

Hey everyone I'm back with what was meant to be my new Monday Series for Nail Polish but as yesterday was my Birthday YAY :) I'm doing the post today.

For today's Post I decided to use the polishes I own from the Fergie Wet n Wild Collection

I'll Start by telling you the polishes I own then on to my thoughts about this collection

From L to R (2 coats of each) Kaleidoscope Eyes, Flossy Flossy, Tonight's Gonna Be A Good Night & Hollywood Walk Of Fame

A006 Kaleidoscope Eyes - This is a clear based polish with Gold, Silver, Teal & Blue Hex Glitters. This polish reminds me of OPI's The Living Daylights as it is a mix of 4 different coloured Hex Glitters with this polish having more cooler toned colours & The Living Daylights Having Warmer toned colours.

A005 Flossy Flossy - This is a clear based polish with Gold Hex Glitters & small Blue, Aqua & Light Purple Square Glitter. The mix of glitters gives the polish a slight pinkish tint but the polish does apply with a clear base.

A024 Tonight's Gonna Be A Good Night - This is a sheer Black Jelly polish with a lot of small Black Hex Glitter mixed with some Gold medium sized Hex Glitter. This one would be perfect for layering over dark polishes.

A009 Hollywood Walk Of Fame - This is the last Fergie Wet n Wild Polish I own & It is a clear based polish with small Silver Holographic Bar Glitter & Multi Coloured Star Glitter.

All the polishes I own from the Fergie Wet n Wild Collection were pretty much a disappointment to me when I first bought them. They have an abnormally large brush that is very thick & I find it very hard to work with. The base formula is very thick yet runny & when applying the polish I find most of the Glitter gets trapped in the actual brush & doesn't transfer on to the nail so well. You really have to work with these polishes to get them to look nice which is a bit of a hassle  Saying that I do like the way they look once you do get them to apply properly & the main reason I bought them was for layering polish which they do ok with.

In the images below is how I decided to layer them & I think they turned out ok

Kaleidoscope Eyes with China Glaze For Audrey, Flossy Flossy with Klean Color Sheer Pastel Pink, Tonight's Gonna Be A Good Night with Ulta3 Black Satin & Hollywood Walk Of Fame (using a dotting tool to place the stars) with China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy

 I don't hate these polishes entirely as they do look so beautiful in the bottle I think the major let down is the brush. If the brush wasn't so horrible I would probably wear these more often but the hassle of applying puts me off using them.

I bought all these polishes from a while ago for $4.29 each they sell a Total of 24 different shades but I'm to afraid to try any more just incase they are apply like these ones.

Have you ever tried anything from the Fergie Wet n Wild Collection?
Enjoy your day everyone

Friday, 22 March 2013

Lust Have It March 2013

If you read my previous post you would've seen that I received both my Bellabox & Lust Have It for March 2013 on the same day & I wanted to post about each box separately so this is the post for my Lust Have It box this month.

Like my Bellabox I will be doing a quick review on what I thought about the products from last month :)

Is anyone else excited to see the new collectible packaging is back this month? I'm really loving this colour & is it dorky that I cant wait to collect more of these box as I think they will look Gorgeous stack on my shelf above my new makeup desk area which I'm currently organizing/setting up & I will be posting about all that when I'm done hopefully after Easter :)

Here is a list of what I recevied in this months box:  

(1) BioElixa Body Shaper Cellulite Contour Creme (FULL SIZE)
(2) ALash 'After work drinks' Lashes (FULL SIZE)
(3) Goldwell Dualsenses Rich Repair Hair Treatment

(4) Ocean Essence Pink Diamond Face Mask -
 This mask actually came in my Bellabox & the Mask I featured in my Bellabox post (the Ocean Essence Strawberry Rose Rubber Mask) was the one I recevied in my Lust Have It box. This is what happens when I open both boxes at the same time. Either way 2 different Ocean Essence Face Masks to try out I'm very pleased with that

(5) The Natural Source Camouflage Colour Crayons in 21 Metal Green & 37 Purple Plum

& also the missing sachet sample from last months box & a love heart lollipop

Top to Bottom : Camouflage Crayons in 21 Metal Green & 37 Plum Purple

Over all I'm very impressed with this box I really like the colour crayons one of which is a lovely light metallic green & can be used as a eyeliner & the gorgeous purple plum colour can be used as a Lip Liner. I'm happy with face mask as I said (both even though one is from bellabox oops) & I'm very intruiged by the $59 Cellulite Creme & I love the lashes I've just started experimenting with eye looks & using lashes so this will come in handy. Over all another great box :)

Now on to last months box

February Lust Have It Box

 Click here to see my post on the LHI Feb box

I wasn't to impressed by this box nothing really stood out to me but I did try as many products as I could. There were only 4 products in the box which was disappointing (there was meant to be a 5th but they sent it out with the march box due to weight management issues) there was also not Collective Box which I have been looking forward to.

I loved the Summer Tan Self Tanning product these are kinds of products I tend to use as the colder weather kicks in as for some reason my legs go insanely pale while my arms stay relatively tan so I've been using this to keep my legs even to my arms. I also have used & love the Lon Vitalite Hand Mask its unlike anything I've ever used before & I will be doing a Full Review on it soon.

As for the Nail Polish & Lipstick, I gave the lipstick to my Mum it's not a product I was interested in the colour was not a good match for me & she Loved it so I guess it's good & the nail polish oh boy Lovely Formula HORRIBLE Colour what were they thinking I tried to make the colour work but Honestly I don't see my self using it anytime soon

What did you get in you March Lust Have It Box?

Bellabox March 2013

If you follow me on Instragram ( you would've have seen that my March Bellabox & Lust Have It Boxes both arrived! I decided to Post about my Bellabox First as it was the first one I opened but I will also be posting my Lust Have It Box later today.

The theme for this months box is Delicious Beauty & boy did this box smell nice even the little card insert smelt good (or is that just me being weird?)

I absolutely love the way Bellabox package the inside of the box the Tissue paper is always lovely & how adorable is this little Bellabox Strawberry Sticker! However I don't like the actual boxes anymore but that could probably be because I'm obsessed with the new Lust Have It Boxes & plan on using them whereas these boxes I no longer have a use for.

Now on to the good stuff. This is everything I received in this months Bellabox

(1) Ocean Essence Coconut Body Milk 
(2) Ocean Essence Strawberry Rubber Face Mask
(3) Swisse Active Energy Bar (post work out bar)

(4) Clinique High Impact Mascara 
(sorry I took the  photo's last night I know they a terrible)
(5) Designer Brands Lip Pencil in 630 Pink (FULL SIZE)
(6) Glamourflage Lip Balm in the scent Cherry (FULL SIZE)

Over all I'm pretty impressed with this box It's very well balanced with the mix of Skincare & Make Up Items & I'm glad there are no Hair Care products as I have gotten quite a few I need to go through. I'm most excited about the Ocean Essence Face Mask I LOVE face masks & don't actually have any Gel Peel off masks & now I have 2 (2nd from my LHI box post to follow) I will definitely be reviewing this once I use it. I'm also excited about all the Make Up items I've received. I've never tried a Clinique Mascara & I'm a Mascara Junkie so can't wait to try it & the Glamourflage Lip Balm smells AMAZING! & I love the packaging.

I know Bellabox has been a little Hit & Miss lately but I love my box this month hopefully Bellabox can get better from here on out :)

I hardly ever find time to review all the products from my Bellaboxes & LHI I've decided to do a mini review at the end of every post when I receive my Bellabox so if you would like to hear my thoughts about my February Box keep reading :)

Bellabox February 2013 mini review

I found the February Bellabox to be an Ok box I don't think anything really wowed me but I was up for trying the products.

Batiste Dry Shampoo - I didn't exactly love this product but I didn't hate it either. I have dark hair so this probably isn't the best product for me as I found it gave my hair a slight grey tone even after I tried rubbing it in. The smell however was lovely & this really did work but I should probably go out & pick up their colour one for brunette hair as I feel it is a better option for me. I did like that this was sample size.

Banana Boat Sunscreen Sachet - Oh the dreaded 'sachet' sample but luckily for me this came in handy as I took it with me to Soundwave Festival & it was enough for me to use to reapply my sunscreen half way through the day. I found this to be non greasy & it sinks into the skin nicely & yeah it's sunscreen not much more I can say I'm not to fussed when it comes to these type of products but I do like the Banana Boat line so I picked up a full bottle of the Banana Boat Ultra 50+ Sunscreen

U Skin Solutions Clarifying Cleansing Gel - This was a very tiny sample but I did Love this product however I find the price tag to be a little steep (125ml for $32.95) I generally don't spend that much on Cleansers & I'm loving my Mario Badescu one at the moment but If I ever wanted to change I would definitely consider buying this product.

I have yet to use the John Frieda Curl Spray, Fing'rs Nail Strips & I gave away my Eye of Horus Eyeliner to my Mum :) as she really wanted it & she loves it so I guess it must be good.

Did you like your Bellabox this month? Feel free to link your post in the comments If you've posted about this Months Box I'd love to see what you got :)

Thursday, 21 March 2013

My Birthday GIVEAWAY Update/Reminder

Hey Everyone hope your all having a Wonderful Day just wanted to quickly Remind you about my Birthday GIVEAWAY that is currently going on.

I've just updated it to Include all the New Prizes I've added now that most of them have arrived (I'm still waiting on a few)
The photo below is the Updated Prize Pack #2 for Australian Residents ONLY 

& This photo below is the Updated Prize Pack #3 for International  Residents ONLY

To Enter My Giveawy Just Click the Image Below
& Good Luck Everyone

 photo Untitled_zps7f3e1152.png

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Her Fashion Box March 2013

Yesterday I received my very first Her Fashion Box.
For those of you who aren't aware what HFB is, it is a Brand New Subscription Box service here in Australia that provides a Box every month with a mix of Fashion, Hair, Beauty & Lifestyle products similar to other Australian Beauty Boxes (like Bellabox & Lust Have It) except this one mainly focuses on Fashion. The box retails for $39.95 a month & there are 3 different styles to choose from Trendy, Classy & Feminine.

For the First month they had an offer going around to receive the first box for only $24.95 so I decided to get one to see how I would like it.
I chose the Feminine Box & from what I've seen from other peoples boxes we all pretty much got the same products except for our Fashion Accessories that were different between the 3 styles. 

Instead of the usual Card Insert most of us are used to with Sample Boxes describing what products we received the HFB included a lovely little Magazine style booklet with information on all the products which I thought was a lovely idea. This is what I recieved:

Circa Home Everyday Soap Bar in Lilac & Orchid scent RRP$9.95 - 
This is the first thing I noticed because it made my entire box smell of soap & I'm not to sure If I really like the scent. The smell seems very strong & over powering in the box but when you smell the soap it smells more subtle so it's kinda weird & hard to explain but a lot of my items I received now smell of Soap but the Actual Soap doesn't smell that much. I do love the packaging of the Soap the box is adorable. In the HFB magazine it has some other scent to Soap comes in & they sound really nice so I might check out to see if they have any scent's I'd like as I really like soap. Is that weird =)

Master Makeup by Dean Nixon Eyeshadow Brush RRP$30 - 
 I've never heard of this brand before but I love when these kinds of boxes include brands I don't know. This brush is really good quality & feels amazing so I'm really excited to use this & see how I like it.

Moxie Collection Sample Pack RRP$4.47 -
 This is a little sample box of Feminine Hygeine products. This is a great way for people to try a different range of products from the same company

Redken's Diamond Oil Range sample pack
 inc Shampoo, Conditioner & a Hair Treatment -
This is probably my Favourite thing from the box. I love Hair Care Samples as I'm constantly changing up my Hair Care routine & These are very decent Deluxe Sized samples so I can get multiple uses out of them to see whether or not I like the product plus I've never seen or tried the Diamond Oil range from Redken.

Maybelline Color Sensational High Shine Lip Gloss in Glisten up Pink RRP$15.95 -
My makeup collection is growing every day but I don't really own a lot of lip glosses. I think the only lip glosses I own were GWP or from beauty boxes so I'm pretty happy to see this in here because it's helping add to my collection & encouraging me to wear Gloss more often. The colour I got is a Gorgeous Light Creamy Pink with a lovely subtle shimmer. It's super glossy but doesn't feel sticky at all. The HFB magazine shows 10 different shades for this Gloss & I do like the one I got but I see one called Shocking Pink & one called Plum Lustre that look like they'd be amazing. If you got/have either of those shades let me know if they are nice?

Gold Collar Necklace -
This is the Fashion Piece for the Feminine box from what I've seen you can either get this in Silver or Gold I'm not sure if there were any other options perhaps Rose Gold? I really do Like this necklace. I love Collar Necklaces & I'm glad I got the Gold one as I don't wear to much Silver Jewellery. The only issue with this is I don't believe they tell you how much it's value is or where it's from. These aren't major issue but I know a lot of people would be interested to know.

bonus extra gift Silver Bow Hair Tie - 
This is adorable. Its a plain black hair tie with a Silver bow attached to it.

So that's it for what I got in the First Ever Her Fashion Box. Over all I'm very pleased with all the items I received & will find use for every single one of them. As for an ongoing subscription I'm not sure if I'm willing to pay $39.95 every month for this box so haven't decided on whether or not I should continue with it.

Let me know if you have decided to keep you Subscription?

Monday, 18 March 2013

Neglected Polish Series #2

So today I'm back with the second edition to my new Post Series : Neglected Polish :)
As the weather is slowly changing to more Autumn/Fall like weather (FINALLY) Summer did seem to go on forever & I for one love when the weather changes to Autumn as I know my Birthday is around the corner :)

In my last post I chose 5 of my Creamy Pastel Shades of polish & today I have decided on my Favourite go to polishes for Autumn :)
Here are the polishes I chose:

CG Below Deck, Essie Recessionista, Revlon Bold Sangria, Essie School of Hard Rocks & Nicole by OPI Khloe had a Little Lam Lam

Nicole by OPI Khloe Had a Little Lam Lam -
This is one of my Favourite Nail Polishes I own & when the Kardashion Collection of Nicole by Opi came out I wasn't really interested in any of them but I have to admit I'm a major Khloe fan always have been so I had to get this & I'm glad I did. This is a gorgeous Dark Forest Green polish that applies smoothly & flawlessly.

Essie School of Hard Rocks - This is a colour I often reach for in Autumn/Winter it is a muted Grey toned Green polish I'd say I find this a hard colour to describe but I adore it.  This colour reminds me of a colour that would be mixed in to a Camouflage pattern or something but I find it to be very Autumn appropriate. This is one of the very few Essie shades I own that I have no issue with when applying. It can come out thin on the first application but 2 coats & it's perfect.

Revlon ColorStay Bold Sangria - I only own 3 of these Revlon ColorStay Polishes but I really like the formula on them they are very opaque & apply smoothly without any streaks. This is a gorgeous Dark Vampy Plum Purple Polish that I often choose to wear in the colder months of the year.

Essie Recessionista - This polish is similar to the Bold Sangria one except it leans more to a Deep Red Wine colour & I usually switch between the 2 when I'm after a Chic Dark Polish look. I love the formula of this one & being an Essie polish that is really saying a lot. I find the Essie darker shades are pretty good formula wise & this is by far the best one I own.

China Glaze Below Deck - This is probably one of my ALL TIME favourite polishes ever & along with China Glaze's for Audrey this was my very first China Glaze Polish I purchased. This is what I would call a Purple toned Mushroom/Taupe colour. This (like most of my China Glaze Polishes) has a really nice creamy formula & is pretty much Opaque in 1 coat but I always like to use at least 2 coats of any polish I apply.

Swatches without Flash

Swatches with Flash

If you have not yet dont so feel free to Enter my Birthday Giveaway HERE & Follow me via BlogLovin HERE (it counts for entry points in my giveaway)
What is your Favourite Polish to wear when the weather turns Cold?

Sunday, 17 March 2013

The Procrastinating Beauty Blogger TAG

I was tagged to do this post by the Lovely Jac over on Matillyrose's This n That Blog Thank you Jac & if you guys are not already following her please do check out her blog :)

Of course It's taken me a while to get round to doing this becasue I have simply been Procrastinating :)

1. You must copy and paste these 'rules' onto your post when you write it, it doesn't take long!.
2. You must state that this tag was created by 'The Beau Bow' and link
3. You must thank the person who tagged you at the start of your post (link their blog as well) -follow them if you're feeling nice!, and then at the end of your post state who you tag, and then comment on their blog on their latest post to let them know you tagged them, and link your post so they can see what to do.
4. Title this post 'The Procrastinating Beauty Blogger TAG' so everyone knows what it is about.
5. Have fun! :)

1. Name a beauty regime that you rarely do?
I'm pretty good when It comes to beauty regime's & I have lately gotten into a habit of what I do but the thing I do sometimes forget is to use an Eyeshadow primer. When I get ready I usually lay out all my makeup I plan on using & just getting straight into it half way through getting ready I realise I haven't used an eye primer. Which I know to a lot of people might not be such a big deal but my shadows (especially cream bases) crease like CRAZY on me & need to ALWAYS be using a primer as its works wonders for me.


2. Is washing your makeup brushes something you do regularly?
As much as I'd love to say yes this is not always the case but I do try to clean them using my brush cleaner spray very regularly does that count? as for giving them a good deep cleaning via washing them. I try to do that as often as I can every 2-3 weeks

3. How long will you last with chipped nail polish?

Lately I've been changing my nail polish pretty often so this hasn't been much of a concern for me but I do admit that weeks when I'm super busy chipped polish doesn't bother me at all. If I freaked every time my polish chipped I'd never be able to leave the house. I'm constantly using my hands at work & there has never been a day when I've come home from work without my polish chipping or my nails breaking =S but I get over it pretty quickly :)

4. How long do you put off buying/replacing a beauty or nail polish product even if you need it? (i.e purchasing a new topcoat, or a new foundation etc.)

This is something I'm very good at I tend to have a lot of products I like that are very similar to each / I collect ie certain colours of nail polish (I think I have about 7 very similar aqua light blue/green type polishes), endless amounts of bright blue eyeliner (my current obsession), 5-6 neutral eye shadow palette, multiple back ups of Mascara & face powder. Majority of products I use on a daily bases I tend to stock up on when on sale. Maybe someone should create a Tag of make up HOARDERS as I think I would be one of those =S.. Though with saying that the only product I don't have any multiples of is foundation (i have a few BB creams but don't use them very often) My HG foundation is Napoleon Perdis China Doll Foundation I find it's the best one for me but it retails for $65 & I can't really afford to have more than 1 but I do replace it when I know I'm running out .

5. What is your worst beauty habit?

probably the whole not caring about chipped nail polish & also sticking to a night time skin care routine is hard for me especially when I come home exhausted & just want to sleep but I do always remember to take my make up using a face wipe but normally when I have time I like to cleanse/tone/moisturize at night time but not going to lie that doesn't always happen

6. Name something non-beauty related that you put off doing all the time?

This ones easy anything to do with assignments & tidying my room. I always have stuff lying everywhere which makes it hard for me to find but tidying seems like such hard work LOL but I have taken steps to completely re-organise my room & make up/storage solutions so keep an eye out for future posts about that
7. When going out somewhere, do you leave getting ready until the last minute or not?
I've never been the one to get ready last minute. If I'm going out & need to wash/style my hair & do my make up I usually give my self around 2 hours (with multiple breaks & plenty of time to procrastinate) if I'm just doing makeup around 45 mins-1 hour
8. Can you commit to spending bans?
Not long term ones definitely not I think the girls who can commit to these are AMAZING & show real strength but sadly I'm not one of them. That being said I don't ever have an issue going over board with my money / spending habits I have a set Goal/Budget that every week I save half my pay check & the other half goes towards Bills/Food/Clothing/Makeup & on weeks I have no bills (which Is quite often) that means more Make Up for me :)
9. How organised is your makeup and nail polish collection?
At the moment It's not to bad all my polishes are in plastic trays I got from K mart (I have about 4 trays full =S) & I'm getting some nail polish stands for my Birthday yay & My make up isn't bad but as I said I'm in the process of re doing my whole set up/organisation area :)

10. What is the longest amount of time you have gone without writing a blog post?
I've been really trying to stick to a regular posting schedule I aim for about 4 post's a week which some times happens & some times doesn't I don't stress to much If I cant get a lot of it done but as long as I'm posting at least once a week I'm happy. Hopefully I get better & better at this as time goes on but I feel like for now my blog is progressing at a really nice pace & I'm enjoying every last minute of it :)

well that's it guys I TAG anyone & everyone who feels like doing this Post as its a lot of fun & I hope you try it out.

If you have done this post please feel free to let me know so I can check it out :)
Enjoy your Sunday