Friday, 22 March 2013

Lust Have It March 2013

If you read my previous post you would've seen that I received both my Bellabox & Lust Have It for March 2013 on the same day & I wanted to post about each box separately so this is the post for my Lust Have It box this month.

Like my Bellabox I will be doing a quick review on what I thought about the products from last month :)

Is anyone else excited to see the new collectible packaging is back this month? I'm really loving this colour & is it dorky that I cant wait to collect more of these box as I think they will look Gorgeous stack on my shelf above my new makeup desk area which I'm currently organizing/setting up & I will be posting about all that when I'm done hopefully after Easter :)

Here is a list of what I recevied in this months box:  

(1) BioElixa Body Shaper Cellulite Contour Creme (FULL SIZE)
(2) ALash 'After work drinks' Lashes (FULL SIZE)
(3) Goldwell Dualsenses Rich Repair Hair Treatment

(4) Ocean Essence Pink Diamond Face Mask -
 This mask actually came in my Bellabox & the Mask I featured in my Bellabox post (the Ocean Essence Strawberry Rose Rubber Mask) was the one I recevied in my Lust Have It box. This is what happens when I open both boxes at the same time. Either way 2 different Ocean Essence Face Masks to try out I'm very pleased with that

(5) The Natural Source Camouflage Colour Crayons in 21 Metal Green & 37 Purple Plum

& also the missing sachet sample from last months box & a love heart lollipop

Top to Bottom : Camouflage Crayons in 21 Metal Green & 37 Plum Purple

Over all I'm very impressed with this box I really like the colour crayons one of which is a lovely light metallic green & can be used as a eyeliner & the gorgeous purple plum colour can be used as a Lip Liner. I'm happy with face mask as I said (both even though one is from bellabox oops) & I'm very intruiged by the $59 Cellulite Creme & I love the lashes I've just started experimenting with eye looks & using lashes so this will come in handy. Over all another great box :)

Now on to last months box

February Lust Have It Box

 Click here to see my post on the LHI Feb box

I wasn't to impressed by this box nothing really stood out to me but I did try as many products as I could. There were only 4 products in the box which was disappointing (there was meant to be a 5th but they sent it out with the march box due to weight management issues) there was also not Collective Box which I have been looking forward to.

I loved the Summer Tan Self Tanning product these are kinds of products I tend to use as the colder weather kicks in as for some reason my legs go insanely pale while my arms stay relatively tan so I've been using this to keep my legs even to my arms. I also have used & love the Lon Vitalite Hand Mask its unlike anything I've ever used before & I will be doing a Full Review on it soon.

As for the Nail Polish & Lipstick, I gave the lipstick to my Mum it's not a product I was interested in the colour was not a good match for me & she Loved it so I guess it's good & the nail polish oh boy Lovely Formula HORRIBLE Colour what were they thinking I tried to make the colour work but Honestly I don't see my self using it anytime soon

What did you get in you March Lust Have It Box?


  1. Ooo those lashes look nice! I got an eyeshadow instead. Either this was quite a good box :D x

    1. They do look really nice can't wait to try them :)

  2. The lashes is very pretty :)

  3. you got the same colour crayons as me, definitly useable.. but I never got a lollipop! Ripped off lol! I loved the hand mask in last months box too, and was very happy with my box this month :)

    1. oh no thats a shame that lollipop was yummy :)

  4. The Bellabox seems quite good!

  5. Hello!

    I dont know if you have done the liebester award before but i have mentioned your blog in a recent post if you want to check it out!
    Dont have to do it if you have already or dont want to!

    :) Brooke

    1. thanks brooke :) yeah I think I have a few nominations will definitely need to do this soon :)

  6. Hey Sammi!!! I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the versatile blogger award! Check it out...

    Also I wanted to ask what glitter polish you're wearing in your blogger icon pic - it's lovely and reminds me of confetti birthday cake! x

    1. Thanks Meesha :) I will definitely do this soon :) & Its Unicorn Dropping by Gloss n Sparkle :)

  7. Hm a decent box I think! :) The camouflage crayons look nice.

    1. They crayons are great. I've been using them a lot since I got them


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