Friday, 29 March 2013

March Favourites 2013

March is almost over & I'm sure everyone will be busy over the next couple of days with it being Easter so I thought I would get my Monthly Favourites out now before I forget :)

Before I started doing these Favourite Post's I always thought I just used the same things month to month & that my favourites never change but I find doing these kinds of post's encourages me to switch up some of my products every month as well as still using a few of my all year round favourites. I think this is a fantastic way to give some love to some products you have either forgotten about or have yet to use :)

These are my Favourites for March 2013

Revlon Photo Ready Translucent Finisher Powder - I got this powder in a Revlon Gift set a while back (see post here) I used it a few times when I first got it then kinda just forgot about it until I started organizing my Makeup for my new set up area (I'm getting close to being done post will be up once everything is all done) & kind of rediscovered this & the other products in the pack & I really like this. It has a nice light finish on my skin & doesn't make me look powdery or cakey which I love.

Too Faced Natural Eye Kit - Another thing I have been trying to do is use a different Eyeshadow Palette every month. I find that since I got my Stila in the Light Palette so what I've done is pick one of my Palettes & every day I do my Eyeshadow I have to use that palette whether its for the entire look or just even one shade from the palette. My go to look for this month has been the entire top row from my Natural Eye Kit which is the day look & the shades Heaven, Velvet Revolver & Sexpresso which are all the matte shades in this palette but I have been using all the other shades as well here & there.
I want to do like a closer look series on all my Neutral Eyeshadows as I feel like I have quite a few & it might be helpful to people who are interested in buying any of them. Let me know what you think?

Benefit Erase Paste -
I'm in love this this concealer for under my eyes. I've heard it is very comparable to the Bobbi Brown Corrector but I've never tried it so I'm not sure how a like they are but I do love this product a lot. I got mine in the Benefit Confessions of a Concealaholic pack (see here)  but when it runs out I will definitely pick up a full size of this.
Master Makeup by Dean Nixon Eyeshadow Brush - I got this brush in my Her Fashion Box (see here) & I'm obsessed with it. It's such a thick brush but its not to stiff & It's great for packing on colour all over the lid, using it in the crease for some definition or using it to blend shadows. I pretty much could do my whole eye look using this one brush if I needed to it's that good. It retails for $30 which to me s very pricey but I'm seriously considering getting more from this line. Has anyone tried any of the other ones?

Australis Curve Ink Eyeliner - This was a GWP from Priceline & I have really been enjoying using this. I got to admit its takes a little practice to get used to it but It's perfect for winged liner as it has that felt tip that I like in liquid liners but the end of it is quite thin & helps give your eye's a little flick for that cat winged liner look that is in. I love how pigmented this product is & that it lasts all day without smudging or fading which I find some liners to do. The only thing I dislike about this is that it has a very flimsy lid that I feel doesn't stay on properly so I don't know if they're all like that or just mine :(

This a quick look I created when I first got the liner (I posted this pic on my twitter). I already had my Eyeshadow & mascara on all day so it probably doesn't look to great but I like it. Also on a side note for some reason not sure why probably coz I like thick eyeliner but don't want to cover my entire eye I always start my liner from half way & go to the end I never start from the inner corner. I think its because I have naturally dark lashes & it already makes me look like I'm wearing eyeliner when I'm not & I feel it makes the eye look bigger I don't know maybe I'm weird. 

Mancine Summer Tan Self Tanner Dark - I got this in my Lust Have It February Box (see here). This product is fantastic It helps me keep my legs looking tan as the weather gets colder & doesn't give me an orange look it's more of a natural tan look. Though the bottle says it's dark I don't find it to be that dark at all. though warning this product does stain your hands a fair bit.

Palmer's Cocoa Body Scrub - I recently picked this up from Priceline as I needed a new body wash/scrub & originally I was there to get the Palmolive Coconut Body Butter that I adore but they were out of it so I got this instead & I'm glad I did as I love it. This smells amazing  kind alike cookies & cream ice cream (It looks like it too). his product Exfoliates & Moisturizer skin at the same time leaving it so soft & smooth. It's pretty much the best combination of a body butter & body exfoliator in my opinion. I use this about twice a week on my skin. This retails for $10.99 but I got it on sale for $8.99.

Essie School of Hard Rocks - This has been my go to polish of the month & I included it in my Neglected Polish Series earlier this month (see here)
Nail Guide Stickers - These are something I bought of ebay & have been using throughout the entire month of march. The are so easy to use but you do need to be a little patient when allowing the polish to dry. I also used them a NOTD post this month (see here) expect to see them featured on this blog a lot more.

Here are some of my Jewellery Favourites this month

Neon Yellow Skull Band Ring from Lovisa
XO Ring from Colette
2 Finger Gold Love Birds Ring from Colette

& some Non Beauty Favs :

Parks and Recreation

Words can not express how much I LOVE this show. The cast are amazing I think they are all so funny & I don't even have a favourite character because I love them all but if I had to chose it would definitely be Aziz Ansari as Tom Haverford. I'd heard so many great things about this show especially from people who like these kinds of shows (think the office) but I don't know why it took me so long to start it I guess the name kinds made me think it was boring coz I would always be like what is Parks & Rec like what does that even mean well it means just that. It's a about a group of people who work in the Parks & Recreation department. So basically it is LITERALLY (if you watch the show you'll get that =P) about Parks but I guess the whole mock-umentary style of the show & the characters just make it so amazing that I managed to catch up to date to America on the show (yeah I watched 4 and a half seasons in 1 month). Also I have always been a fan of Amy Poehler I think she is amazing. Oh and as lame as it sounds I love the theme music to this show its so quirky & fun.

Game of ThronesI'm probably the last person on the earth to finally jump on the Game of Thrones bandwagon but I'm so glad I waited until now to start it as I have 2 episodes of season 2 left to watch & season 3 starts next week. I know a lot of people have been waiting forever for season 3 but lukily my wait hasn't been that long

Kinder mini eggs - a whole heap of these for my birthday & easter & they are by far the most amazing things ever. I love kinder Chocolate I think it is the yummiest chocolate in the work & these mini eggs are milk chocloate coated with a mix of the white creamy chocolate & small pieces of hazelnut in the middle.

& definitely a fav of mine this month have been My Birthday & Soundwave Festival 2013

What have you been loving this month?


  1. I picked up the liner as a GWP but I have to admit I suck at eyeliner but your eyes look so pretty I think I need to practice.

    I love the love bird ring :o)

    Jac x0x

    1. Thank you :) it does take a while to get used to the eyeliner but I love using it :)

  2. Great post! I would be interested in swatches of neutral shadows, because whatever I do have doesn't really work for me - either too dark or too washed out. I need nail guide stickers! And the scrub looks yummy - love Palmer's!
    My Beauty Junction

    1. I'm going to have my first post about my Neutral Shadow Palette series up very soon so keep an eye out for it :)

  3. You have great taste! I adore parks and recreation and game of thrones! I also love that self tanner. I really love the look of that scrub too! Must try it

    1. Thanks :) I dont know why it took me so long to watch Parks & Rec but I'm so obsessed with it now :)

  4. The Too Faced palette looks amazing :)

    1. thanks :) look out for my full review coming soon

  5. I am loving the look of the Too faced Palette too...found your blog via the Beauty Blog Hop xx

  6. I've been wanting to get my hands on one of the Too Faced palettes and Erase Paste for the longest time but haven't done so, but after reading this I might have to ASAP! Haha. I love Game of Thrones and I cannot wait until the new season starts!!

    1. The too faced palettes are adorable I'm thinking of getting another one but not sure which one yet. I am so excited for this season of Game of Thrones :)

  7. The Too FAced Palette looks so great, Im so wanting one!!

    1. When I first got it I admit I was a bit disappointed by it but now that I've been using it a lot I really like it :)

  8. Great faves! That palette looks amazing!!


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