Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Neglected Polish # 3 - Fergie for Wet n Wild

Hey everyone I'm back with what was meant to be my new Monday Series for Nail Polish but as yesterday was my Birthday YAY :) I'm doing the post today.

For today's Post I decided to use the polishes I own from the Fergie Wet n Wild Collection

I'll Start by telling you the polishes I own then on to my thoughts about this collection

From L to R (2 coats of each) Kaleidoscope Eyes, Flossy Flossy, Tonight's Gonna Be A Good Night & Hollywood Walk Of Fame

A006 Kaleidoscope Eyes - This is a clear based polish with Gold, Silver, Teal & Blue Hex Glitters. This polish reminds me of OPI's The Living Daylights as it is a mix of 4 different coloured Hex Glitters with this polish having more cooler toned colours & The Living Daylights Having Warmer toned colours.

A005 Flossy Flossy - This is a clear based polish with Gold Hex Glitters & small Blue, Aqua & Light Purple Square Glitter. The mix of glitters gives the polish a slight pinkish tint but the polish does apply with a clear base.

A024 Tonight's Gonna Be A Good Night - This is a sheer Black Jelly polish with a lot of small Black Hex Glitter mixed with some Gold medium sized Hex Glitter. This one would be perfect for layering over dark polishes.

A009 Hollywood Walk Of Fame - This is the last Fergie Wet n Wild Polish I own & It is a clear based polish with small Silver Holographic Bar Glitter & Multi Coloured Star Glitter.

All the polishes I own from the Fergie Wet n Wild Collection were pretty much a disappointment to me when I first bought them. They have an abnormally large brush that is very thick & I find it very hard to work with. The base formula is very thick yet runny & when applying the polish I find most of the Glitter gets trapped in the actual brush & doesn't transfer on to the nail so well. You really have to work with these polishes to get them to look nice which is a bit of a hassle  Saying that I do like the way they look once you do get them to apply properly & the main reason I bought them was for layering polish which they do ok with.

In the images below is how I decided to layer them & I think they turned out ok

Kaleidoscope Eyes with China Glaze For Audrey, Flossy Flossy with Klean Color Sheer Pastel Pink, Tonight's Gonna Be A Good Night with Ulta3 Black Satin & Hollywood Walk Of Fame (using a dotting tool to place the stars) with China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy

 I don't hate these polishes entirely as they do look so beautiful in the bottle I think the major let down is the brush. If the brush wasn't so horrible I would probably wear these more often but the hassle of applying puts me off using them.

I bought all these polishes from BeautyJoint.com a while ago for $4.29 each they sell a Total of 24 different shades but I'm to afraid to try any more just incase they are apply like these ones.

Have you ever tried anything from the Fergie Wet n Wild Collection?
Enjoy your day everyone


  1. Shame about the Fergie polishes! They do look nice though.
    I have polishes where the glitter is stuck in the brush too :/

    1. they are really pretty but so hard to work with but I will try to use them more often as it feels a shame to waste them :)

  2. That's so disappointing, although they look so pretty! Maybe you could try getting a different brush? I know it sounds like a hassle but they're so lovely, it would be a shame to let them go to waste!

    1. They really are pretty. I was actually thinking that same thing as I was swatching these & I do have a few empty polish bottles I've cleaned out so I might give it a try :)


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