Saturday, 16 March 2013

NOTD : My New Nail Guide Stickers

Recently I've been obsessed with Nail Art & trying to get the most use out of all my polishes as I have SOOOO Many :)
I've been loving all the NOTD Posts by Claire over at Sailor Klerr especially her most recent one Inspired by The Dainty Squid(see Claires post here)

I've seen so many people mention Nail Guide Stickers & I went out & bought some from the Essence range but HATED them so when I saw the one's recommended by the Dainty Squid on Ebay I choose to buy them. I think all up they cost just under $5 including postage & I got 5 sheets of 110 stickers each in 5 different styles.
If you would like to check them out here is where I purchased mine from.

I decided to quickly try them out & here is what I came up with
Essie Where's my Chauffeur, Essie Butler Please & Orly Rage

I already had my nails painted with Orly's Rage so I decided to choose colors I think would work well with it as well as stand out so I chose to use Essie's Where's my Chauffeur & Essie's Butler Please both from the winter collection & here is what I came up with

(sorry for the dodgy photo's my camera hates sparkly polish =S & this was taken around 4.30am before work)

I LOVELOVELOVE these nail stickers & plan on using them A LOT from now on.

sorry this was rushed but I'm about to go to work
Happy Saturday Everyone :)


  1. This is a super cute idea!

    Thank you for the comment on my page!


  2. These look great! I think I may order some of these nail stickers. Are they easy to use?

    1. I find them super easy to use. I think I'll do a full review of them soon showing all the shapes I got :)

  3. This looks awesome! You did a great job with the stickers too, it took me ages to get clear lines for some reason.

    1. thank you. This was actually a lot easier than I thought It would be I was just really patient with it :)

  4. Ooh, I never thought about nail stickers like this, good idea! Much easier than using normal tape. x

    1. yeah I've tried tape before but I just couldn't get the hang of it. This was a lot easier & I'm in the love with the patterns/guides :)

  5. oooh that looks super cool!


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