Sunday, 3 March 2013

Soundwave 2013

I've had such a busy weekend so far & I hasn't even really begun.. I have another fun filled (not really) day waiting or me at work today so I wanted to make today's post a quick one. This Monday the 4th of March is going to be Soundwave Perth 2013 probably one of my favourite out of all the Music festivals & I think I have been counting down to this day since Soundwave 2012 was over :)

here is a list of the Lineup that is being brought down here

I thought I would leave you with a few songs of the bands I plan on checking out while there :)

Stone Sour
(I've seen them play at a previous Soundwave & they are amazing)

All Time Low (also seen them play Live before & love them)

Sum 41

Linkin Park


& of course I save the best for last 

I also plan on seeing (if I can get to them all)  Northlane, Miss May I,  Motion City Soundtrack, Bring me the Horizon, Metallica & The Offspring

What is the best concert you've been to?


  1. I went to Soundwave on Friday in Melbourne, so much fun! I go every year, it's always a great day. Blink 182 were amazing and so were Sum 41 :)

    Have a great time, im sure you will :)

    1. It was beyond amazing I'm so glad I took the day off today

  2. This is the first year I haven't gotten tickets to BDO & soundwave since I was 17. I've seen most of these bands a few times now apart from Linkin Park (who I wasn't too fussed over seeing) and Blink 182 (but knew it was almost certain Travis would drop out). Hopefully I can plan a US trip to go see them instead!

    Hope you have lots of fun!

    Jessi in Wonderland Xx

    1. It didn't bother me that Travis dropped but yeah It was definitely a given he would but the stand in drummer did an awesome job & I'm glad I went but I agree I definitely would travel overseas to see them play as a whole :)

  3. Lovely post! And I love your blog! Would really appreciate it if you could check out my blog...

    Chloe xx

  4. I hope you have a fantastic time today! I'm sure you will, there's so many awesome bands to see!
    My favourite gig was Simple Plan last year - they played without Pierre (the lead singer) and there was about 20-30 other people in the room. They only played a couple of songs but I was standing right in front of my favourite member David and it was just fantastic. We had to sing most of the lyrics because they couldn't remember them because they never do the lead vocals, haha. Then we got drunk for free because we had waited all day and the gig got cancelled because Pierre wasn't there, and then we got to do a meet and greet with them. And we got a refund. But it was the best!

    1. I love simple plan that actually does sound amazing. One of the best gig's I went to was Counter Revolution when they downsized Soundwave Revolution because it was a much smaller group I got to be right up the front center stage in front of the bands & listened to HelloGoodbye, All Time Low, Yellowcard, Panic at the disco & my all time fav band Story of the Year. It was pretty amazing :)

  5. Some of my friends went to Soundwave and said it was amazing :)

    1. It was amazing but I'm so exhausted today :)

  6. that sounds like a really fun concert! and don't forget to earn daily entries in my GIVEAWAY ♥

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  8. You're so lucky you got to go! I really wanted to see Paramore & All Time Low but everyone else would have been amazing, too.

    1. Paramore & All Time Low were really awesome. The whole day was amazing :)


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