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Addicted to Neutral #1 // Too Faced Natural Eye Kit

This new series on my Blog has definitely been a long time coming.

Anyone & everyone who knows me will probably say that I am ADDICTED to Neutral Eyeshadows & have never stopped myself from buying a Neutral Palette.  I find that it is my most used product in my collection & something I reach for everyday but I understand not everyone can afford to have every Neutral Based Eyeshadow palette in the world (not even me) but I have acquired a few over time. My current tally is at 6 'High End' palettes & quite a few smaller palettes but this number is slowly growing =S.

A while ago I decided that I wanted to review all my Neutral Eyeshadow Palettes to give people an idea of which palette they may think is right for them if they are wanting to invest in 1 nice neutral palette as I always recommend different ones to different people depending on their preferences & what I think will work best for them.

Today I am Starting with the Too Face Natural Eye Kit that I included in my March Favourites (see here)

warning this will be a picture heavy post :)

I bought this palette back in November last year from for AUD$37.77. I had been wanting it for the longest time & one day just decided to buy it. This was my second ever Neutral Palette I owned (the first being the Naked 2) and it pretty much started my obsession.

This palette is relatively small compared to any of my other ones and is probably the most travel friendly. The whole palette is just smaller than my hand & it contains 9 shadows 3 of which are 2g pans and the remaining 6 are 0.9g pans. The palette also came with 3 step by step instruction guides (pictured above) that I feel would be useful for people who like a bit of guidance when creating look but I prefer to just do whatever I feel like :)

 The shadows are a nicely balanced mix of Matte, Satin & Shimmery/Glitter. 
Some of the shade I find to be extremely shimmery & one in particular has an insane amount of glitter fallout so not all the shade are suitable for day/office wear which is what a lot of people use neutral palettes for but that fact that it has an equal amount of variety among the shades makes this a perfect all rounder neutral shadow kit and a great choice for travelling as you can create nice subtle day looks as well as some gorgeous looks to wear at night or for special occasions.

photo without flash

photo with flash

Day Shades (top row from L to R)

I found all of these shades hard to swatch using my finger but when applying to the eye these shades are my favourite to to use. The apply so smoothly and are very pigmented and blend very nicely.
All these shades are Matte and probably some of the best matte shades I have ever used.

Heaven is a creamy matte off white shade that can be used all over the lid or as a nice highlight colour.
Velvet Revolver i found extremely hard to swatch true to colour I don't know what was happening but it just wouldn't come out right. The swatches above look to light & orange toned when that isn't at all what this colour looks like. This is a gorgeous matte brown colour that looks fairly grey toned in the pan but is definitely warmer on the skin & is a perfect medium brown shade great for blending in the crease or all over the lid to create a brown smokey eye look. This shade I find very similar to the shade Buck in the Urban Decay Naked Palette I will probably re-swatch this against Buck when I do the Naked Palette edition of this series.
Sexspresso is a gorgeous dark brown matte shade perfect for adding some definition to the crease.

photo without flash

photo with flash

Classic Shades (middle row from L to R)

Silk Teddy
is a silky satin shade. The colour is one I often find hard to describe but I believe it is in the champagne range of colours. It is a cool toned frosty nude shade that I find very comparable to Stila Kitten.
Push Up is a slightly reddish toned bronze shimmer. This is one of my favourite shadows to use in the crease. Lately I've been turning to red/purple toned shadows for my crease colour just for a subtle difference where i would usually opt for a dark brown option.
Erotica is a dark cool toned taupe brown almost matte based eyeshadow with tiny gold glitter running through it to give it a nice subtle shimmery affect. I find this shade doesn't have as much fallout as I originally thought it would which is great as it helps add a bit of sparkle to any look without going over board.

photo without flash

photo with flash

 Fashion Shades (bottom row from L to R)

Nude Beach
This is a Neutral Pink Champagne Shade with lots of glitter running through it. This is the only shade in the entire collection that I very much dislike & is a shade I very rarely use. The glitter in this shade I feel is to chunky for eyeshadow and the fallout in the shade is horrible  I feel as if I have just dipped my face in glitter whenever I attempt to give the shade another go. The shade (minus the glitter) looks very similar to Silk Teddy so I often find my self using that instead of this shade.
Honey Pot  is a beyond gorgeous shimmery copper/gold shade and is the shade I often reach for when using this palette/kit.
Cocoa Puff is another favourite of mine from this palette/kit and it is a warm deep chocolate brown shade with gold shimmer running through it. It is very similar to the shade Erotica as they both seem to have the same gold shimmer in them but Cocoa Puff is a much warmer shade.

 The BEST thing I find about this palette is the balance of shadows seem to be perfect so this would suit pretty much all skin types & I love the packaging & how compact it is definitely the most travel friendly kit I own. It has by far the BEST quality matte eyeshadows I've seen in a palette. The WORST thing about the palette is the shade Nude Beach who would want that much glitter on their eyes (then to fall all over your face during the day) but I will admit 1 bad shade over 8 great ones this palette is definitely a HIT in my opinion.

So this review was definitely longer than I thought it would be but I thought if you were interested in buying this then you'd prefer an in depth review. Let me know if you would like me to continue with these in depth reviews or would you prefer quick reviews of the Neutral Addict Series?

What is your favourite shade from this kit?  Would you like to see me do Eye of the Day posts to accompany this New Series?


  1. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the series... I love nude shadows too and have zero high end palettes so some in depth reviews are certainly called for :) yes please, show us an eye of the day with this.. I love all those shades, honeypot a def fave of mine too, and the price was very resonable. May just add this to my wishlist :)

    1. I'm actually really excited to do the rest of the series now I've even picked up a few cheaper palettes for comparisons :)
      I will definitely work on an EOTD post :)

  2. I definitely like these in-depth reviews! I can't wait to read the rest of this series and see what other neutral shadows are in your collection.
    This Too Faced palette sounds and looks lovely. Honey Pot looks goooooorgeous!

    1. ok great then I'll keep them coming. I find I always plan to do quick posts but end up writing a lot more than I expect :) Honey Pot is beyond gorgeous

  3. oh i love the ones with the specks of gold in!


    1. They are really nice & surprisingly the gold glitter doesn't budge. gives it such a nice look :)

  4. This has been on my wishlist for so long

  5. Ahhh I want this so bad, such a beautiful palette! Cannot wait to see the rest of the series :) xo

    1. there are some really stunning shades in this palette :)


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