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Addicted to Neutral #2 // Wet n Wild Nude Awakening

Recently on my blog I started a new series for my love of Neutral Based Eyeshadow Palettes and I was hoping to get a new post up every week but as usual life got in the way but I wanted to let everyone know that I am definitely still doing this and that I will try my best to get one up every week.

In my first post I reviewed my Too Faced Natural Eye Kit (see here) and since then I have acquired quite a few more affordable options for neutral palettes so I thought I would mix it up a little and alternate between reviewing my higher end palettes and my more affordable ones as most people who are interested in beauty know that just because it's affordable doesn't mean the quality is bad.

One of my favourite Brand for affordable Eyeshadows is Wet n Wild and their 8 pan Color Icon Palettes are highly raved about everywhere. I had seen pics of the new ones they brought out as apart of the new Spring Forward Collection and instantly knew I wanted them but they are not available in Australia so I pretty much stalked my go to websites that stock Wet n Wild for us Australian's (and any other Country who can't get them).

The Spring Forward Palettes are now available at Crush Cosmetics and Beauty Joint. I bought both the Nude Awakening and the Going in the Wild palettes.

 The Nude Awakening palette is a great palette for people who want to add more neutral colours in to their eyeshadow collection without spending to much money but still getting amazing quality product.

Their are 8 shades included with a mix of Matte, Satin and Shimmer shades. The colours are mostly warm toned with a few cooler toned shadows giving this palette a nice range to suit all skin types.

Even though these 8 pan palette always have labelled Eyeshadows to help guide how to create looks I never really follow them because if there is a colour you like then your not really going to restrict using it for example I love the lighter Browbone colour all over the lid.

Swatched in Sunlight

Swatched with Flash
Im going to start with the left side of the palette.

1 Browbone - this is a nice creamy Matte Off White colour that has the tinest amount of shimmer in it but when applied to the eyes its definitely Matte so I don't know if the shade had shimmer in it to begin with or if its just from the other shade in the palette (if that makes sense). This shade is applies smoothly and evenly on the eye and is a buttery smooth Matte shade. All the Matte Wet n Wild Shades that I have tried are of such good quality.

2 Eyelid - This is a Satin finish Champagne colour that is so smooth and applies like a dream. This colour does look much deeper in the pan.

3 Crease - This is the 2nd Matte shade in the palette and like the First Matte shade this is an AMAZING quality shade. This is a medium toned Matte Brown shade with reddish undertones. It is extremely similar to the shade Buck in the Urban Decay Naked Palette.

4 Definer - This is a Deep Muddy Brown shade with gold shimmer running through it. This shade has slight fallout which is expecting with these kinds of shimmery shade but nothing to over the top.

Swatched in sunlight

Swatched with Flash

Now the right side of the palette. Im not sure why the photo I took in the sunlight didn't show the shimmers in these shades properly but the second image is a little more true to life with the swatches.

 5 Browbone - This is a very smooth Satin Light Copper Shade. This is not your typical Browbone colour and definitely not a colour I would use on the Browbone but it is still a lovely shade.

6 Eyelid - This is a warm toned Medium Satin Brown colour. Nothing to exciting or special there are a million shades like this but it is still very nice.

7 Crease - This is a Gun Metal Grey shade with tons of shimmer in it. I love the inclusion of these kinds of shades in Neutral Palette as it helps people creat looks with tons of definition or smokey eye looks. Neutral Palette I find are so versitille and can take you from Day looks through to Night Looks.

8 Definer - This is a deep cool toned soft black with what looks like Silver or Holographic Green Glitter in it. I'm not really sure how to describe the glitter in this but whatever the colour is in this makes the shade look stunning.

So far I have absolutely No Complaints with this palette and I pretty much LOVE Every Shade in this. I think It is really worth the price (especially for us Australians) as its hard to come by a complete "drug store" palette that ticks all the boxes. I know this is a limited edition palette so If you were thinking of purchasing this I hope this review help you out.

Have you tried any of the Spring Forward Wet n Wild Palettes? 


  1. I really want this palette, damn you spending ban!

  2. This looks like a great palette. I don't own any Wet n Wild products, but perhaps I should one day ha.

  3. I love Wet n Wild eye palettes, these shades look very creamy and pigmented.

    Jac x0x

  4. Ou! I'm liking those shades! I like warm toned nudes. I have heard good things about this particular palette. I haven't seen it around my drug stores though. I think everyone grabbed it once it was out on the shelves and now it must be sold out.

  5. I really wish I didn't see this post - because now I want to head over to beautyjoint and buy it!
    The colours look amazing - I love wet n wild eyeshadows :D x

  6. Replies
    1. really that's a shame. I heard a lot of people had a hard time finding these in the US I'm so glad they are available online :)

  7. This reminds me of the Naked palette, the swatches look gorgeous. x

    1. It is very Naked Palette like and the quality of the shadows are really good for such an affordable item


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