Thursday, 25 April 2013

Current Beauty Wishlist 25/04/13

Lately my mental wishlist's have been getting bigger and bigger so I thought I would make note of the main things I want so I can remind myself what I need to buy :)

This wishlist is more of a future to buy list as lately I know I've been spending money on things I don't need and it seems to be adding up. I'm hopeless at spending bans and honestly I don't need to go on one as money isn't an issue the issue now is the excess amount of stuff I own.

So I have created a list of things I want to buy/try out and hopefully in the next coming months you will see me slowly buying these.

(1) A Decent Brush Set - The nicest Make Up Brushes I own are my Real Techniques Brushes and as much as I love them I'm really considering investing in a good quality brush set only problem is I don't know which set to buy. I see a lot of people talk about brushes on you tube but I'm not sure which ones to buy so If any of you have any recommendations for me please do help as I trust your opinions :)

(2) Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation or Naked Skin Beauty Balm - I really want to try something from the Urban Decay Naked Skin range. I'm on the hunt for a nice light weight but still good coverage foundation as my HG foundation (NP China Doll) is quite expensive so I don't want to use it all the time so I've been trying out different ones to mix and match with on some days and so far I haven't found a nice one for my skin type.

(3) Stila Kajal Eyeliner in Topaz - I've seen so many reviews on this product and I've just been getting into nude eyeliners so I would love to try this out.

(4) Benefit Fake Up Concealer - This is another highly recommend product and I'm currently obsessed with finding a holy grail concealer.

(5) Urban Decay Setting Spray - I've never tried a setting spray before and I know this one is a very popular one so I want to give this a try as well as a few other. any recommendations for setting sprays would be very appreciated.

(6) Skin 79 BB Creams - I'm really getting in to proper Asian BB creams and I've read a few reviews and Skin 79 seem to be a popular and good brand so I'm going to buy some of these very soon.

(7) Lioele Be My Skin Powder Pact - This has been on my wishlist for a long time and honestly I just love the way this product looks but I also hear it works nicely. This isn't really a wishlist item anymore as I just ordered it but I didn't remove it from my list as I'm currently waiting for it to arrive and I'm very excited.

(8) Stila All Over Shimmer Powder in Kitten - This just looks like a gorgeous product and I'm really starting to appreciate Highlighter's and I want to try this one out.

(9) Too Faced Boudoir Eyes Kit - I've really been enjoying my Natural Eye Kit by Too Faced and I think I'm ready to try another one of their Eyeshadow Kits and I really like the look of the Boudoir Eyes Kit

What products have you been lusting over lately?


  1. I recommend Furless! I thnk they're great quality and I've only been impressed with the brushes I have from them :)

  2. I love my Sigma brushes, but I have heard good things about Furless. The Stila All Over Shimmer powder is great. I really like mine, though I think I prefer liquid/cream highlighters.

  3. The skin 79 BB creams are great! They don't seem as grey-toned as the other asian bb creams (and not too ghostly white either!)

  4. I have quite a few of your wishlist items! The Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation is wonderful! I use the Real Techniques buffing brush instead of the UD one though. :) Save some money on the brush! And the Benefit Fakeup is pretty good. It was weird at first, and I def had to get used to it. But now I really like it. I also have the Stila kitten highlighter, and it's great. It's my go-to highlighter. Great list!

  5. In terms of brushes, even the more expensive brands are not much better than Real Techniques. I've used everything from cheap brands to Mac and all the way up to Chanel and as a core set of brushes, Real Techniques is amazing. I use them and mix in a few MAC eye brushes and that's it. I'm sure that other people will have varying opinions though! x

    Xx Bridget

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