Friday, 12 April 2013

Priceline Haul + Makeup Beauty Bag

Currently Princeline are having their (I think its annual let me know if i'm wrong) Annual Makeup Beauty Bag Offer when you spend over $60 on Cosmetic & Cosmetic Accessories across participating brands you get a Free Goodie Bag with a value over $220. Every year I miss out on this fantastic offer as I never really know when it's on but now that I always checkout the Priceline catalogue when it comes out I know I wont miss out on these offers (I know I'm a dork).

The brands you can purchase from to qualify for this Beauty Bag are:

Models Prefer
Nude by Nature
Revlon Manicure
Savvy by DB
Kiss Nail Dress
Press & Go
Sally Hansen

The local Priceline I went to is a fairly small Priceline & a few of the things I wanted they did not have but that's ok because I had a huge list of things I needed to buy & they had some of the products I needed.

To qualify for the bag this is what I purchased

Revlon had a Deal for 2 Revlon Colour Stay products for $45 which for us Australians is a bargain.
I've been wanting to pick up a Revlon ColorStay Foundation (shade 220 natural beige) ever since I saw they had the new pump bottles out & I recently ran out of my Revlon ColorStay Pressed Powder (in light/medium) which I love & as they both cost $34.95 each I figured $45 for the two was a good price.

To make up the last $15 of my purchase I bought a Rimmel London 60 second nail polish in 800 Black Out ($6.36) this is one of my most used nail polish colour & I'm almost out of the one I have so I bought a back up & I also picked up a Rimmel London I Love Lasting Finish Nail Polish in 193 Black Cherries ($4.76) which is my FAVOURITE nail polish colour ever & I just recently saw it on Claire's Blog Sailor Klerr which was a kind reminder that I needed a new one :) and lastly I got a Rimmel London Soft Kohl Eyeliner in 071 Pure White ($6.80) which is one of my favourite white eyeliners.

All the Rimmel London products I believe were on sale for 15% off & my total bill came to $62.92.

Now on to the Goodies :)

All the products came in a large leopard print Tote which is not something that I would use but I gave it to my mom for when she goes to the markets she can put her shopping in :)

Press & Go pack of 24 Press-On Manicure Nails (Red)
Kiss Everlasting French False Nail Set
Manicure Cuticle Therapy

The nail press on's & false nails I have no interest in but my sister liked them so I've given them to here but the Cuticle Therapy is something I would love to try & I'm very happy that this was included in this gift bag.

Savvy by DB Make Up Remover Wipes with Vitamin E
Ecotools Bath Sponge

I always need makeup wipes so these will be handy & I love Ecotools & was actually  going to pick up one of these bath sponges so this is great now I don't need to buy one :)

Nude by Nature Undercover Airbrush Mineral Primer
Wake Me Up Instant Radiance Shimmer Touch in 004 Shimmering Sand
Australis Paparazzi Perfect High Definition Concealer in Medium/Dark

I'm excited about all three of these products & can't wait to try them. I was a bit worried that the shade Medium/Dark for a concealer would be wrong for me but It's a lot lighter than it seems so I'm going to give it a go.

Models Prefer Brow Highlighter
Revlon Color Burst Lip Butter in 085 Sugar Plum
Nation Lip Color in Flutter
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Midnight in NY
Bourjois Volume Glamour Max Black Mascara
There was also a voucher for $5 of a Revlon Photo Ready BB Cream which I believe is a new product.

As usual whenever there is Sally Hansen involved in a Freebie I seem to always already own the shade. I have Midnight in NY & I love it so I might save this bottle for my next giveaway. I like the look of the brow highlighter & I've never used the Models Prefer one before so this is a good item to have. I don't currently own any Lip Butters as they are so expensive in Australia but I'm glad I got this as now I remember why these are so good. I'm super excited to try the Mascara & I have given the Natio Lipstick to my Mum as it was a colour she liked.

So that is everything I picked up. If there are any items you want me to Swatch or Review please let me know.

 Have you picked up this special offer? The offer is valid from now until the 22nd of April 2013 or until stocks last.


  1. Great haul! The things you got in the bag look great.

    Jess xx

    1. I'm pretty impressed with the contents of the bag :)

  2. Yay Black Cherries, good choice ;)
    I'm so so so tempted to get this gwp bag, but I can't even think of $60 worth of stuff that I need to get it (I so badly want to try the Revlon whipped creme foundation though). I already have the Revlon lip butter in Sugar Plum and it's my favourite lip product at the moment :)
    I wouldn't mind seeing a review of the Rimmel Wake Me Up Highlighter, they've always intrigued me but I've never gotten around to buying one.

    1. I used to own 7 bottles of black cherries (a bit much I know) I would always loose the bottle just before the weekend & want to wear it so I'd just pick up another then one day I cleaned up & found 7 bottles but now I don't have any so I knew I had to get a new one :)

    2. also I tried to Rimmel Highlighter. I like it so i'll post about it after the weekend :)

  3. I will be taking advantage of this offer this evening :) I hope I can find a bag with a revlon lip butter colour I don't already have :)

    1. I'm pretty sure the Revlon Lip Butter that I got (along with everything else) is the same as Sam's (am at the BF's and have left the bag at mine).

    2. I've only seen one other version of the bag & it has a lip butter in i think its called brown sugar & the Rimmel Highlighter was also a different shade in that bag but I'm not sure of any other versions hope this helps :)

  4. So so tempted to go and spend $60 at priceline just for the bag now!

    1. I find I pretty much spend that much (or more) at Priceline every week so I thought may as well stock up on a few things I need. It's a great offer :)

  5. Ah I wish I didn't live in the country, I need Priceline near me! Awesome haul, what a great bag of goodies!!

    1. I think I would probably save more money if I lived very far away from a Priceline as sometimes I can go overboard when I'm instore :)

  6. I'm still pondering whether or not to pick this up. If it's still available in my local Priceline next week i might pick it up.
    You got some great goodies - sugar plum looks lovely :) x

    1. The bag is great. I was pretty much sold on it because I don't have any of the products that were included & a lot of them have been on my to try list :)

  7. That's a lot of goodies! I so love getting gifts with purchase.
    My international giveaway

  8. I love the Revlon colourstay foundation, and think its such great news that it now comes with a pump - but sadly if I use the foundation too often it makes my skin break out!
    And great selection of goodies, very tempting, but as I really really dont need anything, I better resist!

    1. oh that's a shame that it breaks you out. I wish I could resist haha but luckily this pack has a lot of things I would use so I don't feel to bad for getting it :)

  9. Im sooo soo glad you did this little review!! i was very tempted to spend the 60$ when i first saw the brochure a few days ago but after looking at yours i dont think i would use half of the things you get in the bag so i think i will pass for this year :( xxx

    1. That's why I though I'd do a post on it as I would pretty much use everything in here but a know a lot of people were contemplating whether to get it or not. Glad I could help you :)


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